Do The Piss Freaks...


With its evolutionary history and utility in many species, I wouldn't be surprised if there's something a little primal in there.

Not a fan, but right on to whoever may be.
Urine has been part of animal scent and attraction since forever. See Bull Moose.
If Mr. Darcy hadn't been filthy stinking rich it would have made sense to imagine there must be some hidden chemical explanation for why chicks dug him. Something tells me these biologists got by with the Cliff Notes version of Pride and Prejudice.
Ironically I was just having this conversation with a friend on Friday - with guys peeing after orgasm, is there an increase (or decrease?) in pheromones presented in the urine? Are pheromones presented in urine at all? (yes?)
Female mice also eat their young if they are unhealthy or if the mother is stressed before giving birth. I'm all for using mice as a research model, but perhaps we should draw TOO strong a connection in their reproductive habits...
"Do I want to click this before lunch? Do I want to click this before lunch? Do I want to click this before lunch?...."
@5 I dunno. I would think something is there. Since I was a virgin, if I pee after orgasm, I always feel like I have to pee again, and will for hours. I always make sure I go before sex is really thought of.
Anyone else remember "Must Our Urine Sharing End", the woman whose husband came down with gout after chronically drinking her piss?
Don't you mean the "icing" freaks?

Take a knee, bro!