Top Chef Sad Trombone


Thank god. That chick from Craze almost ruined the show last year. If Craze was still in business I would have stopped going just to avoid her.
@1: Do you mean Crave? And if you would stop going, does that mean you used to go? And, apparently, returned more than once because you enjoyed the first experience? So wouldn't that mean that you enjoyed her food despite her personality?
mrbombit, unlike most I do appreciate your semi-regular trolling efforts around here, but you gotta step up your game, bro. Get the names right, and do some proofreading first. An unimpeachable troll is an effective troll.
All the Seattle chefs are competing in South Africa for World Cup Top Chef.
I wish all the crap cable channels would just make shows about the others, who would of course be doing the same thing. This 'reality TV' is the HFCS and hydrogenated vegetable oil of US 'culture'
We sent a couple to Top Chef Masters this year, so we're not completey shut out.
Hmm, actually kind of interesting, only one person from the West Coast at all, and one other who currently resides there but is from the East. Did they not have try-outs on this end of the country?