A New Clip from Twilight: Eclipse AND Justin Bieber Shaking Hands with a Puppy! ARE WE IN HEAVEN OR WHAT???


The puppy has a better hairstylist
Wow I have never seen a trailer for a a Twilight movie and now I really don't understand what this is about. It looks like such overacted crap. It was so overly dramatic and terrible. The facial expressions made me cringe to see. Both of the guys looked like they were simultaneously going to cry and shout.
Twilight totally ruined the MTV Movie Awards - they won awards in all categories they didn't deserve, and any actor who was in any of the Twilight films won for their "other" roles.

Total farce.

Now, if the Puppy had a Laser on top ...
The Twilight series needs to go die. both the books and the movie - overrated crap.pushing outdated family values, and a nice little touch of colonialism (the werewolves (who happen to be first nations) are refered to as "smelly dogs" in one of the books) niiiiiiiice.

Ah Justin Bieber.What is he? 10?
@4: More importantly, it sucks even for escapist literature. I read a paragraph over a friend's shoulder and it nearly made my eyes bleed.
Also, it's probably making Bram Stoker spin in his grave.
And seriously, talk about teenage angst.

It's just a plot device for teen girls to moan about being misunderstood and worry about what will happen if they have sex or date some undesirable guy and have the local clique of girls ostracize her ...
ow ow ow ow ow ow my brain is atrophying
You're right Humpy. I just talked with the World and she says she is so full awesomeness that the pressure has to be released through Volcanoes in Iceland and Central America.
It's "y'all," not "ya'll." This is very important.
Not to mention B&E, Voyuerism by a then stranger, destroying her car to keep her safe, and getting bitchy when a guy talks to her.

Dream Boy is your Class A Manipulative Emotionally-Abusive Asshole.

And he's held up as this generation's Mr. Darcy. Good fucking god.