The Daily Show on South Carolina Governor's Race


If Bauer were to come out of the closet, it'd be an interesting Gubernatorial race. An out conservative gay white man vs a conservative adulteress straight Indian-American woman.

Oh my birth state of South Carolina, you never cease to make me laugh.
The guy the Onion hired sure does look a lot like Jon Stewart!
of course she now has a 20 point lead. she cured a homosexual. Republicans are gonna eat that shit up. Magic vagina.
i kept watching to see if the clip got any better but it didn't. just horribly unfunny.
5 guys tell me.

Should I even bother to go vote in today's primary here in SC?

I'm happy we can take everyone's mind off the oil spill, etc.
But, holy s***! I might as well go and write-in my own name.

No wonder I can't find a date. All the homos are in the republican party. And I don't date people that stupid.
God dammit, Jon Stewart is funny! Thanks for the laugh.

@5, FTW.

The South is a funny place. Glad I don't live there.
This is further proof of my theory that there are no heterosexual men left in the Republican party.
i don't mean to throw out the homophobia card (mostly because i wasn't remotely offended, and also because i doubt jon is homophobic). but the tired gay stereotypes and tropes aren't helpful, nor really all that funny.