Should You Donate Money to Help with Oil Spill Cleanup Efforts?


Don't forget that it's not just Louisiana's coastline that needs help. As of today, the spill is *dramatically* affecting three other state's: Alabama, Mississippi and Florida.

My hometown of Pensacola is the most recent to have felt the sticky, inky, deadly touch of oil. The beaches are dotted with black pancakes like a Lichtenstein POP! painting.

In an part of the country that depends on three main industries - (1) tourism, (2) fishing and (3) military - the oil spill is poised to knock out two legs of the stool. Both the economy and the environment are hanging precariously in the balance.

Please give your support.
No. Nationalize all BP properties in America and use the profits to pay for the clean up.
I will put a piece up on my blog in the next day or so for proceeds to go to the clean up.
Juan Alonso
I personally recommend you not donate.

Instead, consider donating to Sierra Club or some other organization that will fight to make sure this never ever ever happens again.

Exception: if you have relatives, ask them if there's a local group where they live that's doing clean-up work and have them donate it with money from you.
Should you donate? No. I'm sure the NWF is doing great work, but no. This is not a hurricane. This is not an earthquake. This is a corporate-made catastrophe.
@2 - I've been saying that since the rig exploded and fell into the Gulf.
There's a vote in Carpenteria (Santa Barbara CA) on slant oil-drilling today in the primary.
I don't care if it's an earthquake a hurricane or a companies thoughtless mistake. The only way to get through a disaster is if we all come together and fight to get our shorlines clean. We can all be pissed at BP when the disaster is over. But until then pull out your wallet, give a few, or roll up your sleaves and start cleaning!