Tim Killian Will Handle Council Relations for Mayor


My heart skipped a beat. I've been watching the mayor build a little echo chamber for himself, and this is the first sign he may be realizing it's time to try something different, something a little more human. Fingers crossed.
This is sweet.

The tax-subsidized suburbanites won't know what hit them.
Oh, and I see others are reporting he was a big tunnel foe too. So never mind my stupid @1 probably.
Don't worry, gg, just sit back and watch the heads of the Suburban Times editorial writers and columnists explode ...
i'm afraid Killian is just another brick in McGinn's wall. Seattle will remain victim of electing an activist without a political clue.
So what happened to the last person doing this for Mcginn?

Is he really just getting around to appointing a council liason after six months office?

Pardon my ignorance, but why doesn't Mayor McMumbles deal with the council himself? Is it standard practice to have a go-to liason?
Has McGinn repealed the 10-ft-pole rule on pols and strip clubs? Does Horsey know about this?