Who Could've Predicted That the Founder of the Minutemen Was a Dangerous, Gun-Waving Maniac?


Awww...nothing like a good divorce preceding to lift the spirits!
So belligerent jerks are often belligerent jerks? Interesting.
Aw, man - Don't talk shit about D. Boon!

(That was my first quizzical response)
Guns don't kill people. They just have this uncanny knack for attracting and drawing in unstable people.
"A judge in Phoenix ordered Simcox to surrender his guns"

I've got a bad feeling about this...
@5: Yes. When you have a jingoistic, nationalistic, gun-waving psycho — particularly one from Arizona — and you order him to surrender his firearms, you can be reasonably sure that it'll end in a blockade and shots fired.

I'm sure the future ex Mrs. Simcox is shocked, just shocked at how her husband degenerated over the last few years, not realizing that the sickness was always there. It was merely masked under a thin veneer of respectability that began cracking a half decade ago.

I'm beginning to feel a little like the famous frog in the hot frying pan. The temperature is rising, and it might be a good idea for me to start thinking about jumping the hell out, and soon.
I thought this post was refering to Mike Watt.
Apparently no one here is familiar with what goes on in family court or the Lautenberg Amendment.

Accusations of domestic violence are common. Women do this and/or attorneys encourage this because them/their clients the upper hand in court. The advantages of doing this are legion: disorients the guy and puts him on the defensive, destroys his will to fight, makes women look better in custody battles, paves the way for restraining orders that force the guy out of his home so he can't get ahold of important documents and evidence, drains his monetary resources so he can't hire a competent lawyer...and of course the satisfaction of having "got" someone if they have a grudge against him.

Family court makes a mockery of due process and civil rights. Accusations of domestic violence in divorce procedings are like "I've got an 8 inch dick!" claims on craigslist. Common, but unlikely to be true. To sum up, the fact that this guy's soon-to-be-ex made the accusation is hardly evidence that her accusations are true. But it plays into political preconceptions and Bob's your uncle.