Facebook Picks Downtown for Seattle Office


That's really Great news! Go SEATTLE!!!!
insert smarmy comments here:
Maybe they will take the bus or bike or walk instead of whining about skybridges to Macy's from an expensive parking garage.

We can always hope.

Msg to FB: Adapt or die. ... no, I'm serious.

(goes back to playing Sorority Life on his iPad)
You missed the best part about Hadi: he was a *MySpace* employee until recently.
This is clearly just a poor rehashing of some press release. Since this was apparently Riya Bhattacharjee's first article for the Slog I'm willing to give her a break, but come on...close to Nordstrom's flagship store? Sure, if six or so blocks counts as "close". Also, the cliche serial entrepreneur is nothing more than a biography bloating way of saying that the person in question keeps failing in their attempts to start and build a business and must therefore start all over.

Keep trying Riya...you'll get better!

Interesting to have the world's biggest PHP site landing right in MS land.


PHP and Facebook
by Brian Shire on Thursday, May 3, 2007 at 10:26am

In a previous post titled "The Spirit of Openness," Steven Grimm wrote about the various open source projects we use and contribute to at Facebook. We wanted to give everyone some "down and dirty" details on a couple of those projects, specifically relating to the PHP community.

You might have noticed that the user-facing portion of Facebook is written in PHP, and we're fortunate enough to be able to make contributions back to some PHP related projects. Most of our contributions (so far) have been towards an optimization extension called the Alternative PHP Cache (APC). Some of this code includes faster locking mechanisms like Futex locks, POSIX mutex locks, and porting spin locks from the PostgreSQL project. Some changes are bug fixes rather than enhancements, like bug #7816 and #8663 (a configuration and file update bug which never really affected Facebook directly, but we're happy to help).
so how many jobs will this create and how much city revenue will this generate. those are the important questions.
God, I hope this improves the weird latencies and problems that FB has so regularly.
Nice copy-paste job of the TechFlash article. Next time, try to not also copy their errors. Like @5 said, Nordstrom flagship is not "close". Nordstrom Rack, on the other hand, is on the same block. Maybe tech nerds don't clothes shop, or they might know that the Rack is nothing to boast about.