Slog Happy! Thursday!


I once went to a Jersey shore themed party at Del Ray and nobody noticed we were dressed up unusually. Why again is SLOG happy there?
I wish Slog Happy wasn't on the same night as the Capitol Hill Art Walk.
Del Rey's mac & cheese is the best in the city, but only on the technicality that my kitchen is not in the city.
While I would love to come, I'll be seeing Hipsters at the Egyptian during SIFF.

One of the top buzz films.
Afterward, might I suggest meandering toward Nectar Lounge? 826 Seattle is putting on its Dance Your Cash Off benefit dance marathon that night, and I will be grooving as a member of a team named The Six Million Dollar Running Man. More info at
@1 that doesn't surprise me for the friday saturday night crowd the rest of the time the place is awesome. Last night they showed a documentary about the gathering of the juggalos.
Though I love the place, I stay away on the weekends. Indeed, it's Douchetown, USA, on Fridays and Saturdays. But weeknights it's always a lot of fun. It's enough to get me and my lame-oid hipster friends to go to Belltown, so that says something, right?

I fully recommend the nachos, but it's all good.

I think "douchey on Friday and Saturday, OK the rest of the week" could describe most Belltown establishments.
@8 ftw - not that there can be any winners on a SLOG Happy thread, cause everyone at SLOG Happy is a winner.
Sadly, Gurldoggie will get confused about the distance once again and be unable to walk the two doors down from The Rendezvous...
I actually see this as a deliberate provocation. You couldn't make Slog Happy 20 feet down 2nd Ave at a BETTER bar with a BETTER happy hour? You bastards. I will, of course, be drinking at the Rendezvous.