Ladies' Night: Whitman, Fiorina, Lincoln, Haley, and Angle Win Their Primaries



Right, and did you see the jobs numbers today?

Good luck unseating any Democrat if the recovery in employment continues apace...

Approximately 100,000 people voted in the Democratic Nevada primary vs 150,000 in the Republican Nevada primary. Within those primaries, it's true that Reid got 20,000 more votes than Angle, BUT she was running in a more competitive race than he was.

In spite of Angle being a crazy person, is she just not-crazy enough to consolidate enough Republican votes in mostly-conservative Nevada, and defeat Reid? I'm wondering.
Blanche had to haul out a president, and ex-president and millions of dollars of cash from big business to win a primary- and there will be some lawsuit concerning voting issues by establishment Democratic office holders. Not a great night for her. Probably better than the night of the general election, however.
and her victory represents a win by the 'good old boy Southern Moderate' wing of the party as embodied by Slick Willie over the true liberals Slog so loves....
Not to mention Blanche shut down voting by Halter's supporters. When your opponent's voters don't have polling places it's probably a lot easier to win.
Hooray for the return of Governor Moonbeam!
@2 Angle favors prohibition of alcohol. In Nevada.

She will lose.

Nevada has become increasingly a swing state and many of the Republicans there are more libertarian than religious conservative.…
It does seem that we have turned a corner, when even conservative men vote overwhelmingly for women candidates.