About Braziel Running Away From the Police Chief Job


I'm still going with Davis as the guy the mayor thinks will fit under his thumb. And I'm expecting Davis to prove the mayor wrong on that.
Why would anyone voluntarily agree to stay in Sacramento? I've lived in the Seattle area and in Sacramento. Dear Gawd, if I knew an earthquake was going to strike Seattle next week, I'd still opt to live there rather than Sacramento.
If I lived in Sacramento, Id hang myself.

The choice is Davis. For the record, that whole process was weird. Burgess is a douchebag and a vapid poseur. He is just trying to win points before he runs for mayor.
Seattle got gamed.

It's the old ploy of "Oh, I think I'll explore my options" and then hey presto! 8% pay raise for staying put after 'the other guys' express interest.

Well played, sir.
Easy way to find out, although now not as easy is before, is see which Councilmember got off with a warning notice during the week prior.
@4 ftw - same in the prof game - you can't get a salary increase unless they think you'll get grabbed up by someone else.
8% after taxes is like an extra 200 a paycheck if you pull down 100K, I don't think he went through this entire public interview process for that. clearly he thinks the pols are tools here.
Somehow, he found out he wasn't getting the gig. So he made a move and got a quick raise out of it. I agree, he wouldn't have gone through all that for a mere 8 percent.

Again, were all speculating here. But hopefully he now chooses Davis.
@7 damn - who let him speak to the City Council?
Dissed by Sacramento. That's like the police chief of Olympia saying he'd rather stay in Olympia. Or Salem in Salem.

Or (gasp) Albany.
Probably what #8 said. Plus, you can live like a King (but with a better record! PUN! Ugh.) in Sacramento on $200k+ a year.
Davis cut his teeth in Oakland, rising to precinct commander during his 19 years there. He is also nationally recognized leader against racial profiling and largely credited with busting an internal gang of rogue cops, "The Riders". My sense is that this is exactly why he does not get the endorsement of Seattle's accountability loathing Police Guild.

The idea that his qualifications are determined by his four years in East Palo Alto, and not his 19 years in Oakland, is absurd.

Check out Davis's background here:


and http://bit.ly/chiefdavisbio
12 good points. @ 11. But reducing crime in. East Palo Alto was no joke. Imagine a city the size of Renton with 100 plus murders.
McGinn is still dogged by complaints about his amateurish management -- it's not like wining the election put that liability to rest. If anything it's gotten worse.

How does picking an inexperienced police chief help him with that problem? Seems like whenever people complain McGinn is green, he'd like to have a 30 year veteran standing behind him nodding.
Well... DUH!

Think about when the interviews took place: end of May/beginning of June. And it was what... like 55 and pouring rain the entire time?

Maybe the dude just likes sunshine, fer chirstsakes!
"He is also nationally recognized leader against racial profiling"

Which may explain why Oakland is a gang infested, murderous shit-hole.
From @12's link:

"Davis has done it by being seemingly present everywhere in the town — holding regular "meet the chief" chats, talking with youth groups and at senior centers."

Jesus fuck, just what we need. No wonder McGinn likes him, they can hold hands at town halls while the city goes to crap. Really starting to regret voting for this mayor.
17@ And what did he accomplish during that period of hand-holding? O yeah, reduced murder and violent crime rate massively.

14@ And 19 years in Oakland, where he rose to Captain, Precinct Commander, Academy Director, Inspector General, busted a ring of rogue cops, arrested upper class coke BUYERS, and advised the Feds on anti-Racial Profiling demonstrates a lack of experience how?

The Seattle Police Guild seems to exists to resist accountability and citizen review. Bad cops are the worst crooks good cops face. The Guild's endorsement of Acting Chief Diaz should make clear Chief Davis is the best choice for Seattle.