Amazon Deletes Super-Positive Reviews Given by a Public Relations Professional


I generally ignore most star ratings and look for insightful reviewer comments on possible design flaws or unexpected limitations. And sometimes from more than one place.
I agree. Good call on Amazon's part.
The reviewer who posted the 72 reviews is Rachel Friedman of EMSI Inc in Clearwater, FL. EMSI's boss (and Rachel's mother-in-law) is Marsha Friedman, a prominent Scientologist who used to be a Scientology executive.

"Rachel Friedman; sneeky Scientologist?":
The should at least have programmatic checks for accounts that have only or mostly 5 star ratings, or whose pattern of ratings fall outside of a normal range.
Dino Rossi believes homosexual acts should be a capital crime in the United States.
I'm thankful that I double-checked the statement that the Friedmans are Scientologists. Apparently Marsha Friedman WAS a Scientologist for years, and has now left Scientology; she wrote quite an interesting post about it here:…