Q13 Fox News: Seattle Police Officer Assaults 17-Year-Old Jaywalker


Sounds like she got what she deserved.
I would like to see what other news outlets say about this....I trust nothing from Fox. I also trust nothing said or reported by an aggro cop who punches a teenage girl in the face.
I wouldn't mind if more road infractions were met with statist violence.
You'll probably all laugh, but jaywalkers are a menace, in Britain cars run right up on them unless they're at a crosswalk and here in the States we've become far too dismissive of the possibility that an automobile might hit us, especially when not at a crosswalk. Just the other day I was driving in Bellingham and 4 (possibly drunk) kids stepped out right in front of my car with no warning or regard for what might happen - even though there was not a car in sight had they just let me go past first; of course had I hit them it probably would've been "my fault". That being said, the cop certainly lost his cool and should be punished accordingly, and by accordingly I don't mean "paid administrative leave".
SPD blotter states the cop was assaulted by the 2 girls (19yo & 17yo).


Kiro 7 tweeted that it was a 14yo and 19yo that attacked a cop..
Reading the story it almost sounds like she deserved it. So much for the stranger thinking this counts as scrutiny of the SPD. Here's a clue, Fox Affiliate, you report police abuse when the suspects didn't have it coming. Better luck next time.

Was she Italian?
This happened today? Nice quick reporting from the station! I guess they`ve changed their policy of sitting on police violence stories while awaiting the results of an investigation they never actually conduct.
If it happened the way it reads, which reads like an episode of Cops...girlfriend deserved it. First girl probably did too.
KING5 has video.

First, why is a cop even wasting time with a jaywalker?

Second, why is he having such a tough time detaining the suspect? They wrestle around for 2 minutes. Even after she's cuffed, he can't get her in the car.
@10 why do you think he's having such a tough time? should he have tasered her?
video shows the cop to be completely ineffective. jerry springer-esque "talk to the hand"s don't really work with police. sucks for him he's white. oh well.

cops worried about jaywalking, self-righteous teevee babies...I don't want to pick a side on this one...

My thoughts exactly. If you parse the back-story, it's an advertisement for FoxNews. "See? We report on police brutality!" But it isn't really police brutality. It was a sloppy arrest. This will only energize the "Police have a tough job so we should all close our eyes to everything they do" crowd. And these idiots will also want to give Fox a pass, because this clearly shows that they don't give preferential treatment to cops.

Except that they do. If there was a _real_ story of police brutality, where the suspect was obeying everything the cop ordered them do & they _still_ started beating on them/tasering them/shooting them in the back, I'd give dollars to donuts that Fox wouldn't report it, and would suppress the evidence if they had it.
Jesus Christ, this reads like KOMO's comment section. I hate this city.
Watched the video. While I'm unsure if the jaywalking incident was serious enough to warrant arrest, the first girl definitely deserved to get arrested after she started struggling and pushed the cop away. And the girl in pink did shove him before he punched her. I'm generally not on the cops' side, but the first girl had attitude. May be a stupid question, but to Seattle cops not have Tasers? In any of the Oregon cities I've lived in, any cop would have tased the shit out of the first girl.
Watch the video - Policeman -obviously- was defending himself.
Damn you guys are right. Seattle's Best and Brightest serve in our police department!!!

A punch in the face certainly got the gal in pink off his back. I wonder what else would have worked.

My impression is that all these guys carry mace (but tasers are likely issued only to sergeants). He easily could have maced that young lady he was arresting, but to his credit he just worked on physical restraint instead of pumping agonizing chemicals into her eyes and face.

The guy doing the recording sounds like Tommy Chong.
From the headline I was like "OMG BLAME THE COP BACON BACON BACON"
From the video I'm like "WHY DIDNT HE TASE THEM BOTH" (and I think he should get some kind of medal for not using his taser)

Shit gets real when you fiddle with an officer in the middle of an arrest. Pro tip - if you don't want to get punched in the face, don't try to defend someone's possible unjust arrest TWICE, you're not a fucking judge. The police officer has just as much a job to do as the 20 or so people who started filming it. Imagine the film that would have been released had it only been this crazy chick screaming at a cop whining about how hard it is to follow the law that says don't walk in the middle of the street. She'd be called a drunk and probably not even posted on the slog, buried in some police blog that people laugh about how silly kids are. I know there's a whole bunch of superhero movies out there, but you're not batman, you are not the law.

The girl in pink made the severe error of what seemed like an attempt to go near the cop's belt or weapon...it was at that point he punched her.
I'd have punch her too. She assaulted him.
At what point is it resisting arrest? At that point he'd have been justified in taking her to the ground and kneeling on her head until backup arrived.
The girls were pretty stupid, but the police officer is a pussy. He can't cuff a little girl who weighs half of what he does? And why the fuck is he messing with jaywalkers? Looks like he ought to be a mall cop. Get him a Segway.
Shame on anyone who wants to call this police brutality. Regardless of the seriousness of the initial infraction, the girls were both refusing to obey lawful orders from the officer, and both then escalated into violent resistance. Those girls should know better, and if they didn't before, hopefully they do now. You don't have to put up with police harassment, but getting into altercations with the cops is NOT a way of settling a dispute.

What struck me about the video is that the arresting officer never lost his temper. In the middle of what is obviously a tremendous amount of pressure, with two hostile subjects and numerous onlookers shouting at him, he consistently used only enough force to defend himself and detain the subjects. When the cameraman gets too close, he calmly asks him to step back.

Seems like some people here think the police shouldn't have the authority to arrest anyone, but if we're going to have police at all, this is the kind of guy you want doing the work.

@10: I think that illustrates just how much police brutality this wasn't. He could have thrown her on the ground and tased her, but he didn't. And she doesn't have a broken nose and black eye now as a result.

One thing no one mentions...they have some sexy girls on Rainier.
Seems like the officer should have called for backup but didn't, probably because he was having a terrible time trying to arrest the first girl and didn't want to be known as "that guy."

But yeah, not much sympathy for the victim of this, I have to admit. You don't HELP someone resist an officer. If it were two men, a gun would have been pulled.
I drive through this intersection many times each day for work. Despite the overpass, there are numerous people who simply walk out into the street - most of the time without looking either way. For the Franklin kids, there's undoubtedly an element of cool to it - who needs some stupid overpass, right?

As far as the altercation, the young lady should have known better. If she had just kept her trap shut - or had the intelligence to not jaywalk in front of a police car in the first place - she would be free now, having perhaps been lectured to. But she messed with the cop.

You don't mess with a cop - especially physically, for the cops defend themselves. Remember a few years back in Factoria when the mentally disturbed naked guy somehow got a hold of the officer's gun and then shot him point-blank? As I recall, all he was doing was directing traffic.

You act stupid, stupid things happen to you.

@25: "What struck me about the video is that the arresting officer never lost his temper."

No, he just punched a teenage girl in the face.

What the fuck is wrong with you people? Seriously?
There's confronting police and there's fighting police. This girl started a fight with a cop and she learned what happens. I'd rather see an antagonistic bitch get jacked in the face for shoving an officer than see somebody tazed for not obeying fast enough.
@29 Usually, if you jumped on a cop's back, you'd consider yourself lucky if all you got was a knuckle sandwich, teenage girl or not.
@29, you fail to realize that one of the most important steps in forming a corporate police state is to defend the police no matter what they do. Sure the cop punched the girl in the face; so what, she had it coming to her right?

And notice how ANY postings on Slog dealing with the cops require commentators to be registered. Just sayin'....
The real question is, was all this--ALL of it, by everyone--really needed... over jay walking?
Anyone who doesn't realize that most police reports are works of fiction needs to wake up.
He did NOT have the one hitter quitter
So this cop isnt very good at arresting people. He however did a pretty good job of keeping the situation down. This could have gone soooooo wrong.

However: Cops shouldn't push jaywalking or other rule-bending crimes into situations where someone can get arrested. What if he just yelled at them and left after he got nowhere with their sass?

Who cares if the officer loses face? What if he hurt the girl with the punch, what if a riot happened due to it? All not nearly worth some 17 year old girls respect.
@trstr, What is your problem?
@24 is absolutely right. The officer was totally incapable of holding the suspect and cuffing her, and couldn't de-escalate the situation with the other girl. Incompetent in every regard. I thought cops had better training than this moron.
@29 Fuck with a cop in the middle of an arrest, feel the long fist of the law. I'm no fan of the five-oh (being on the receiving end of a pretty good blue beat down myself), but I will not begrudge an officer who gives an interfering asshole exactly what they deserve.

If the cop tazed/maced her all you bitches would complain that he didn't use physical tactics before he resorted to such extreme measures.
But yeah, this goofball needs to look for a new line of work.
None of this bullshit had to happen. Jaywalking is a victimless crime.
@24/39 - Are you retarded? Have you ever tried to arrest two struggling teenage girls (who frankly looked as if they weighed nearly as much as the cop) by yourself in the middle of a potentially-hostile crowd of people with video cameras while trying not to escalate the situation into a police brutality case? Then you don't know what the fuck you're talking about, do you.

In many other cities this would have been a tazer/beat-down video - we're lucky he seemed to have sufficient training to conduct the arrest as well as he did.
Victimless? Sure . . . until somebody gets splattered all over the street. Not so victimless then.
The cop was out numbered and encircled. The girl was bigger than him. He used a trained tactic. Notice that it was NOT a full punch, but a stunning punch. Textbook. Those girls should have been tazed by the way they were acting. What makes anyone think they should talk to a police officer like that? Maybe the city has taken too much authority away. It's now created an even larger lawlessness problem... especially amongst the impressionable youth. It has now become a game to see how far you can push a cop before he snaps.
It wasn't about the jaywalking. It's 3pm in the middle of a busy street. If this were in Philly, pedestrians know better than to walk in the street before the little walking man says it's okay. When I drive in Seattle, I don't slow down... if you're going to walk when I have the right of way you better hustle. I have insurance... do you?
I bet he’s getting laughed at by the rest of the department for struggling so long with a 17 year old.

@36 is right. He could have done worse but still shouldn’t have let this scene escalate.
@ 45, Because he was smaller than the girl I kind of commend him for not tazing her.

Being a little fella has probably landed him in a number of challenging situations since joining the fuzz. Clearly he’s not very talented with police tactics but he sure did try.
@46 You are an asshole. Slow down. Really. There's no place you need to go that's worth hitting a person. Yes, even a stupid person (say, for example, a child).
@45 What video are you watching. The girl was 4 inches shorter than him and it took him over 2 minutes to cuff her. My grandmother could have handled that much quicker. His next job should be asking if you want fries with that burger.

What the fuck is he going to do if he ever has to arrest a guy?
We pay for crosswalks for a reason. They are obviously too lazy to walk 20 feet and wait for the appropriate time to cross... I'm just trying to get their blood flowing. I've never hit someone for God's sake... relax over there buddy. I'm not an asshole. But let me tell you what's wrong with Seattle... there are too many assholes who are willing to mess with you because they know you're not going to do anything. Well guess what... I'm not from Seattle. I feel safer walking by myself in the streets of Philly than I do in Seattle and that's because there is no respect for the possibility that someone may defend themselves if you try and mess with them. I'm as 120 lb 24 year-old woman. I've been accosted twice since moving to Seattle. Downtown Seattle. Not Rainier Ave... not MLK Street. Downtown. I've been mugged. This city is getting overrun with lawlessness because of the lack of authority. The city has taken it away from their police force which is why we have people antagonizing cops and others at the ready with their video cameras. Give her the 15 min of fame and then let her go on to her pathetic life of harassing police officers. Her parents should be ashamed.
Since nobody else has bothered, I'm going to - in what world do you all live in that you would actually expect a teenage black girl to just peacefully go along with a white cop who is much larger and stronger than her? I would bet good money that all of her "defiance" was actually fear. In a perfect world, all cops are just kindly officers of the law who have all our best interest at heart, but I live in San Francisco, where it's not even remotely uncommon for young black girls to get raped by cops of all colors and sizes. Not resist when some big white dude starts dragging me toward his car? You must be joking. I don't even pull over for a cop unless we are outside a hospital or government building.
Since nobody else has bothered, I'm going to - in what world do you all live in that you would actually expect a teenage black girl to just peacefully go along with a white cop who is much larger and stronger than her? I would bet good money that all of her "defiance" was actually fear. In a perfect world, all cops are just kindly officers of the law who have all our best interest at heart, but I live in San Francisco, where it's not even remotely uncommon for young black girls to get raped by cops of all colors and sizes. Not resist when some big white dude starts dragging me toward his car? You must be joking. I don't even pull over for a cop unless we are outside a hospital or government building.
@50 the girl he punched was TALLER than him and outweighed him.
just watched it again. Her ass alone outweighed him.
You people scare the hell out of me. Sure it was dumb of the girls to physically resist/interfere with the cop....but this was over jaywalking for god's sake. Look at the root of it. Jaywalking. Think about how much money it's going to cost the city to go through all the court crap to process this incident....because of jaywalking. The lesson here is not to get into a physical altercation of any kind with a cop...but the deeper lesson is that the jaywalking laws of this city are completely insane and cops (aren't we short on those and can't hire any more right now?) have no business wasting time on them. Seriously.
Unfortunate reactions by all parties, but seriously, don't go grabbing at a cop and interfering with him doing his job (even if it is jaywalking infractions). While the jaywalking thing is a little "eh", being totally dismissive of Johnny Law isn't going to win you any favors, either. Take the 35 dollar ticket and use the friggin' crosswalk next time, or take it into court if you really want to fight it that badly. Making a semi-routine ticketing into an episode of Springer isn't the cop's fault (although I've never seen a sloppier arrest in my life).
@56...how are the jaywalking laws of this city "insane"? Is it that fucking hard to use a crosswalk? It's a rule, just like driving and stopping at a red light is a rule. You just deal with it.
@ 56

what the video doesn't show is that he was originally talking to another gentleman about crossing the busy street while cars were coming and then the girls (more than just the two in the video) took it upon themselves to antagonize the cop for trying to enact some kind of authority. Like i said, it has nothing to do with jaywalking. The girls and the gentleman before them STOPPED traffic in the middle of the afternoon.

Are you kidding me right now? Please send me some proof of these atrocities. Progressive San Francisco!? Philly cops have a worse rep than CA cops and that even doesn't happen there. I don't buy this one. Sorry.
#54 The girl he spent over 2 minutes trying to handcuff was 4 inches smaller than him and weighed much less. He did not have the strength nor the skill to put her in handcuffs. He is not physically able to do his job. He could not command respect from anybody on that street. He has no business being a cop. He is going to get himself or another cop killed one day. Would you want him backing you up if you were a cop?

But oh, he is a man because he punched another girl who might have been taller than him? Oh, that was manly! He hit a teenage girl! What a guy!
My friend and I were stopped for jaywalking a few months ago by the Egyptian and Bill's. Yeah, we were illegally crossing, but we crossed as it the light started blinking. The cop revved his engine to scare us because "in Idaho, we will run you over!" Four cop cars were on us. Two, small, gay boys and a bunch of cops. People were yelling at the cops to leave us alone and someone pointed out that a crack deal was going on just down the street. After id checks, they let us go. Yeah, thank god we are not in Idaho.
All this could have been avoided if he simply shot the both of them at the start. He had every right to protect himself from the feral beasts. They are not human, that's for sure. Of course, none of them are. Filthy, disgusting, violent animals and nothing less.

They all need to go back to Afreaka where they came from!

Good thing I turned down a job with Camden Police Department. I would have been killed my first day on the job.

Women shouldn't be cops either I suppose.
Get serious, this is about the girl physically interfering with a police officer. please stop acting like the delinquents who were causing this problem in the first place.
@ 15/29

No ones stopping you from leaving.....
The both girls was definitely in the wrong, e and clearly have issues with authority, but the police officer's response was entirely over the top and wasn't necessary. Its possible he was frustrated lost his cool, but well....police officers aren't supposed to do that.
Sue him.
@61: This isn't about him being manly. This is about appropriate or inappropriate use of force. He could have injured the smaller girl by punching her like he did the big girl, by using mace, or a tazer, but he didn't. He acted as if it was worth taking 2 minutes to cuff her without injuring her rather than injuring her quickly and getting her in the car within 30 seconds. Some might disagree with his priorities, but I wish that more of the police in my city operated like he did in that instance.

Apparently you seem to believe that might=right and that he should have dislocated a knee or shoulder to quickly get her away. I hope that you never become a police officer.
It seems pretty obvious to me that the two girls escalated this situation. They are both grabbing onto him and the one in pink shoves him while he is trying to cuff the other one. Being a guy, I imagine if one of my friends and I did the same thing to a LEO we'd have had a gun drawn on us. He probably should have just tazed her instead of punching her, but he also didn't have free use of his arms either.
Come on.....the girl(s) knew better. You can't get physical with a cop......anyone who says differently is straight stupid.
@68 Wrong. A well trained police officer could have handcuffed her and put her in the car quickly without all the fuss and without appearing violent. You put her in a thumb hold, cuff that hand and then cuff the other. A well trained and good officer has her in the car quickly. A well trained and experienced officer never lets the situation get to where that did. It is not about violence or appearing manly and it is not about might, it is about being competent. The officer got no respect from anybody because they saw him for what he is. That is the kind of cop that gets in situations where people get hurt, including other cops. He is a danger to himself, other cops and citizens.
I laughed.
Not a bit of sympathy for either of them; even my most idiotic, back-assward days I wouldn't have just tried to walk away from a cop or tried to push him or do any of the stupid shit they were doing.

@61 Oh get off it, he could've easily restrained her if he done what they do to restrain men who are resisting arrest; i.e. tossed her to the ground, knelt on her neck, and then cuffed her.
racist white cop, beats up black lady... does not even stop white jaywalkers

What planet do you live on?
@71 - Exactly. There are numerous restraining holds that trained police officers can use that don't require throwing someone on the ground or tasing them.

With this cop, that was practically a hair-pulling slap fight. Was he trying to arrest her or dance with her?
That's really all there is to say about this subject.
Having watched the vid, it's obvious they're going to have to downsize the cops.
Is this the first time this cop has driven by Franklin right after school lets out?

The sheer volume of kids at that intersection at 3pm gives the jaywalkers a sense of entitlement. With no consistent enforcement there, that cop's behavior must have seemed bizarre to those girls. "This is the way it is around here, who is he to come along and tell us different?"

The cop should have known better. If SPD's going to start enforcing at that spot, they more than a lone white crewcut dude. Sad but not surprising he couldn't handle the situation appropriately.
Seriously? That officer was looking for trouble if he was stopping people for j walking on MLKjr. Blvd. That's like trying to ticket people for being drunk in Vegas.
She soooooo had that comming. Complete lack of respect. Probably high on crack. Total nappy headed ho!
She attacked a cop. Geeze. That is never acceptable, and you're gonna get your ass kicked if you do it.
Do you know why cops get hurt in domestic situations? Because regardless of circumstance, people always defend their own against aggressors of any kind. It's a natural freaking instinct that should be factored into equations like this before you put your hands on someone. Just because you think you have just cause to arrest someone for a non-violent, barely an offense crime, doesn't mean that you should or that you if you plan to you need to immediately put your hands on someone. Before this escalated, I'm sure there were dozens of ways this could have been discussed, ticketed, and managed better. He was probably more afraid of the gathering crowd of men than of that girl. And he's the lucky one. Seriously, because on another day in a slightly different crowd, it could have been him getting punch in his face and worse.

When a cop is manhandling a woman who is trying to figure out what the hell is happening, of course a friend or relative is going to try to intervene. How do I know this, I was once part of a group that trained and entire police force in ways of managing situations like this without getting hurt, and without hurting anyone. The technical law might have been on his side, but in an evaluation of the best tactics to use in that situation, he would have failed.
Another thing we should be asking is this - is that intersection a long long way from any decent crossing, and is it one of those dumb pedestrian crossings that won't respond for 3 minutes if a person pushes the button but responds within 10 seconds if a car wants to cross?

Time to revisit the pedestrian ability to cross within 30 seconds, if you ask me.

People are more important than cars.
I guess there weren't bigger fish for him to fry that day.

Could've been worse. He could have been busy with a homicide investigation somewhere in a parallel universe where Seattle is derogatorily called "Murdeattle."

At least have backup next time.
Oh, jeezsh. "People are more important than cars". Great blanket statement there, Brainiac.
@ 45 "The girl was bigger than him." You mean she was blacker than him? Go back to Philly you idiot. I can tell you from years of living in North Philly that if the cops would have beat a black teen this would be huge. And your post at 46? Try that self righteous shit with somebody and you will spend the rest of your days in prison while your family scraps for generations for ways to pay off the victim.
You fucking tool.
Will in Seattle litters Seattle's cyberscape with his useless, agenda driven remarks that are usually a detriment to the movements he supports. *sighs* Sick to death of seeing him spew his off topic rants, hopefully that net neutrality crap will deal with him if somebody doesn't file a lawsuit against his mouth first. ;0)

Anyways, shame on the people that decided to label this "Officer Assualts 17 year old", in the video I saw those self entitled ghetto queens assaulted him first, they're lucky he was calm enough to deal with TWO threats to his safety in such a humane manner. I'm a big ole baby, and I would have been tazing them waaaaaay before I had to think about throwing a punch. They're not above the law, and certainly not entitled to assault anyone. You know these girls thought their age and gender was going to allow them to act a fool without facing reprocussions for their b.s., I'm glad to see they were treated like the criminals they turned out to be......too bad they didn't just take the jaywalking ticket and roll instead of making things worse for themselves.

Charge them for assault, get the friend for obstructing, and then pile on the hate crime charge.

Two different issues here.

1. The cop could have handled things differently, maybe not get into this situation in the first place, maybe restrained her more quickly.

2. REGARDLESS of the above, if you get physical with a cop get ready to LEGALLY be taken down by said cop.

These two issues are independent. No matter how you got INTO a situation, you can't resolve a situation with a cop by getting physical.

While we may criticize the fact that the cop got into an altercation because of a jaywalking stop, that doesn't change the fact that the cops action after the girl got physical were all probably justified (legally).
That girl got what she deserved. You must respect law enforcement, she didn't, end of story. The officer has the right to defend himself whether the suspect is a 17 year old black girl or a 40 year old white red neck drunk. These girls need to learn right from wrong... looks like they just got a lesson.

Liberty Heights... doesn't count as North Philly sweetheart. That's why you live in Seattle. You know what's on the news every other day in Philly/South Jersey? Cop Killings.

I'm not a tool. Far from it. But thanks for cursing. Pretty respectable.

And no where in any of my posts did I mention anything about anyone being black... Maybe cause her being black doesn't have anything to do with it. I'm black. Does that give me credibility to speak on this non-race issue? Cause clearly the girl in the pink shirt is larger than the police officer. If she was white... she would STILL be larger than the police officer.
@87 correction... Northern Liberties.
I am so sick and tired of women thinking they can do what ever they want, and sue when there are consequence to their actions! She got exactly what se deserved. It is about time people started respecting the Officer's and the Law.

She attacked him first, and he is entitled to do what is needed, to get the situation under control. It getting to the point now where officers can't even do their job, for fear of being sued!!

Had the jaywalking women done as she was told, this would not have happened. If he had been black or female cop, I guarantee this would have never even made the news.

This world it getting so out of hand that, minorities feel they should get special treatment. Cops, do not discriminate race or sex, they are just trying to do their job!! If one chooses to break the law, then don't wine and cry when you have to pay the price!

Shame on her!!!
(When did you guys unlock this to unregistered people? See #93)

Someday, someone will videotape an actual police brutality situation again--I mean, as in like a Rodney King-scale physical assault. And someone will decide that the police officer(s) involved is out of line, and will try to physically intervene to protect the victim. When the real situation happens, I pray to God that the cop throwing the illegal beatdown doesn't hit the good interloper, or we'll see the shit storm to end all shit storms, to make the King riots look like a fun day out in the neighborhood. Mathematically, it's a given that this will happen. Today, 6/16/11, 6/15/21.

But this girl in pink? This is not such a justified situation.
This poor cop will probably lose his job because of some sub-human, parasitic, piece of government supported garbage like this stupid girl! Had she not acted like an orangutang and just cooperated with the officer he probably would have done nothing more than warn her of the dangers of jaywalking. But no, she has to attack the officer and now everyone wants to crucify the man because he tried to protect himself from some psychotic moron! To the officer who hit this idiot, kudos to you. To the mother who raised this savage to act like this in public, nice parenting, you sow!
There is no way in hell I'd be a cop. No way.

So you're trying to tell me that cops get killed "every other day in Philly/South Jersey?"

No. I said that there is a cop killing story on the news every other day in NJ/Philly. Anyone who knows that area knows it's the most dangerous part of the country to be a cop. Camden is the most dangerous city per-captia in the United States. Philadelphia leads the nation in cop killings.
Oh come on! @56, Try to drive around in this town without hitting some stupid person (sorry, but usually young) walking in the road whenever they please! Then, If I run over their stupid a$$, I am the one in trouble. Same rules should apply on the road as do on railroad tracks - if you are in the street, you better be a vehicle! Also, with all those people standing around, yelling and causing confusion and "mob mentallity" I think the officer handled himself very well and showed amazing restraint! I would have puched them both! And we didn't even see what he saw.... the jay walking incident - did a car have to slam on their brakes to avoid hitting them? You know there is a law about obstructing the flow of traffic as well. I usually don't side with cops either, but let's teach our kids to respect their elders, follow rules that are meant for THIER safety and stop thinking that everything is all about them!
Jaywalking has and will continue to get people killed, not by cops, but by cars. Anyone who can't understand that basic fact of life is simply too stupid to live in a modern society. Unfortunately, there are people out there who get some sort of arrogant or perverse pleasure about disrupting traffic by jaywalking, even to the point of causing traffic accidents, as they stroll across a busy street. Cross walks and overpasses are there to protect pedestrians, use them. Too many perople are just too lazy or completely oblivious to reality, in the case of many high school and college students, to walk a block or two to a controlled intersection that would generally ensure their safety. So much for one of my pet peeves. Sorry for the rant.
Both of those stupid girls got what they deserved... Everyone keeps talking about the lack of skills of the cop, however if you have a squirmy individual resisting arrest- getting belligerent and then having the suspects friend attack you too, well... Both are lucky a gun wasn’t pulled on them. They both got what they deserved.
This situation really underscores the need to show this PSA in every high school.