On Abortion, Many Questions That Dino Rossi Still Won't Answer


Publicola posted a great article this morning on the subject, making the point that whatever straddling-the-line PR-friendly phrases he uses to describe his opinions on the subject, what matters is how he would VOTE on the issues (that's the part that'd be his JOB, right?)
Oops - didn't follow the link included in the article. (facepalm)
he's never going to answer you. he knows that being anti-choice is a loser in this state.
Which is why he's using weasel words to not say that he'd ship our federal tax dollars to Red States instead of bring them home to Washington State, thereby subsidizing the weak and inefficient Red States at the cost of us efficient Blue States.

Face it, he hates Washington State's values.
He doesn't dare answer the questions. If he gives his true position, he loses Seattle and King County (the 500-lb. gorilla of politics in this state), and if he temporizes and gives some placating bullshit answer, he loses the Republican PCOs, and thus all his doorbellers and volunteers.
But in the incredibly unlikely circumstance that he does answer your question about the comparative value of one soul to two, can you please please please follow up with asking for a clarification on what the hell a soul is? If he has the answer, the people deserve to know.
@6 maybe it's a waxy substance like Paul Giotti has ...