Too bad the actual King County Democrats endorsements ended up with a single nod. For the record I voted for all the good Democrats who ran and the 34th has many.
Funny how Mike props up his experience working for a Fortune 500 company but he doesn't want to help their bottom line. Cognitive dissonance much?
His phone number wasn't on his website? That's your excuse for not contacting him, and you call yourself a journalist?

Of course, Publicola interviewed him a month ago:…
@4: I did contact him, via the e-mail address on his web site. No response.
@5: I get that. That just seems like a seriously lame effort. Pretty sure he's in the phonebook (paper or otherwise...).

Mike is doorbelling. He doorebelled me. He is right on the issues. And personally, I pay a lot more attention to the eye-to-eye conversation on the doorstep than I do to which interest groups endorsed which candidate. Nothing against interest groups, especially the ones I belong to! However, they usually expect something in return for their endorsement. The interest group that Mike is paying attention to is the individual voter, and that's how it should be.
@5: Thanks for the criticism. Happy to hear it. My general feeling is that politicians who make it difficult for reporters to find them are doing something unwise—and that reflects on them and their campaigns, and is worth noting.
Joe hasn't had one single Seattle legislator support him? Bullshit. Scott White (D-46) endorses Joe. Check Joe's Web site.
I think the point is other reporters haven't had a hard time contacting Mike. I see interviews with Publicola, West Seattle Herald and West Seattle Blog on his website. I also see a phone number on the website under Contact Us. Not sure if that's been put up recently or not, but it's there.

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