Me to-- wait, no. I still feel sick.
That deserves to be hung on a wall, not chewed on by a cat.
There should be a cat between each human.
HAhahAHaha! YES, Vince. Oh my god.
The hell with cats; one of them should be Lindy.
I'm actually surprised at the amount of Human Centipede paraphernalia you keep running across, Lindy. I mean, really. I watched the movie and though the premise was good, the movie itself was so-so. Or rather, a disappointment. Maybe it was just me, but I had hoped for much more gore and horror.

So, what's next for the Human Centipede marketing? Possibly a Human Centipede Blow up sex doll? And if this cat toy cost $100 clams, I can only imagine what the doll will cost. Only Trump could afford one, then.
Human Centipede Real Doll!
I was never much disturbed by it. I watched the trailer and thought, "Huh. How extreme." and moved right along. Why do people get so worked up about it? It's just a movie and it's a fact of life that the human mind's depths are home to sick things.

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