i saw 2 big trucks and a couple of support vehicles on the south side of the bldg when i walked past 15 min ago. a couple of the firemen were taking some fans off a truck. didn't seem in a rush at that point.
Smoke in the elevator shafts somehow. Nasty rubbery smell. Evacuation of yuppies and their minions.
OMFG don't you people have anything else to do?

I work in the building and it was a FALSE ALARM.
I'm looking forward to the first multi-car/truck fire in the Billionaires' Tunnel and the media announcing "there was no way we could have known it would be so bad".

Well, other than people dying, that is.
Really Will? You're looking forward to that? In that case- here's to hoping your in it.
I hope will chokes on vomit. Preferably someone else's.
@6: I'd settle for a bizarre gardening accident.

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