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Apparently in Belgian the Catholic Church is a criminal conspiracy. Every where else it's above the law. I'm encouraged by Belgian. I hope they continue to raid and throw the whole bunch in prison. Maybe then the rest of the world will finally have the courage to do the same.

@1: I know you're smart enough to type "Belgium", so I assume you just like saying "Belgian".
Belgian. Ooh, that is nice.
"the" Belgian. So sorry.
Poop smearing

It's the Christians revenge on Mecca's Religious Leaders who in around 565 AD visited a brand new Cathedral that was built in Christian Yemen. The Cathedral was to draw in thousands of people and business to poor Yemen. But, Mecca, itself a center of pilgrimage, saw it as competition. So, several Meccan Leaders visited the church and made a silent, smelly protest on the floor.

It all lead to war of course.
is that a correction?
cause it doesn't look like a correction....
Too Upset?

Is that a joke?

Did anyone even know the USA was playing in the World Cup?
That shat upon van can't be a hate crime-

unless some gay guy owns the van-

cause everybody knows that only gays are victims of hate crime (and never religious folks...)
Um, Australia has a new Prime Minister. And the PM is a woman, for the first time in Oz. And, she wasn't elected, the Labor Party decided that she's better that Kevin Rudd, so they booted him ('cause they can do that in Australia, in about 48 hours.)

Her name is Julia Gillard and the big difference between her and Rudd, at this point, is she's not trying to impose desperate and unpopular policies on the mining industry.

The not possible equivalent in the USA would be, for example, Nancy Pelosi challenging Obama at the height of his health-care debate unpopularity, declaring him a stain on the party, and seizing the Presidency for herself.

Will this change much in the grand scheme of things? Probably not. Regardless of who's PM, Australia is running out of money just like the USA and there be lean times ahead. (OK, not as bad as the USA, but we've got only 20 million people over here.)

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