Never gonna happen. Foreign head of state. Leader of most widely practiced religion in the world. Forget it.
What they should do is use RICO versus the Catholic Church for the cover ups.
the Supreme Court hasn't and likely will never televise its proceedings
The pope will stand trial when bart simpson is older than yoda
@ 2, I like it. Never happen, but it's a great thought.
People I would love to see stand trial for Crimes Against Humanity: Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, George W Bush, Benjamin Netanyahu, Condeleeza Rice, Robert Mugabe, Charles Taylor & his buddy Pat Robertson, and Josef Ratzinger AKA Pope Benedict XVI.

Please add.
But what about in absentia? Mock trials can come in handy as well.
That's a pretty big "theoretically."
I will shop naked at Pike Place Market for a full month if this shit ever happens.
There used to be a Catholic and Jewish seat on the supreme court. Now there are 5 Catholics and two Jews, an episcopalian and a protestant. So that makes this even more interesting. The vatican might think they have an advantage, but it could be the opposite considering how disenchanted so many American catholics are with Rome. Scalia might be reliable for them but I wonder about the others.
There is a 0% chance of that ever happening. The Pope is not just a religious leader, but also a head of state.
@10: Really, you wonder about the others?
Whether or not they ever question the pope (extremely unlikely), it's good to know that they might seriously start prosecuting pedophile priests, and maybe some of the bishops that covered it up.
We need an international criminal court w/ teeth and the power to extradite. Oh yeah, and a UN that's not a joke. What should we call call our attempt at world goverment 3.0? I'm for The League of United Nations.
The Pope doesn't have diplomatic immunity?
#15: It doesn't matter, because he's led war crimes
that killed and injured hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians.
Even though I doupt we will ever see this pope being cross examined the best thing about this decision is that it cuts the Vatican down to size and diminishes their importance as a entity that is beyond the arm of the law.
The Church has been around for the better part of 2,000 years. They know how to stall.
Hold on! We couldn't try pedophile priests before? Is this new?

As much as I would LOVE to see the pope on trial there's no way in hell (so to speak) it will ever happen. Nope, all we can hope for is that there really is an afterlife and he'll get judged then.

@1 Catholicism is nowhere near the most practiced religion. Not by a long shot. Islam has a billion followers. Christianity as a whole is pretty close but Catholicism is only one sect of Christianity.

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