Tea Party Cancels National Convention For Want of Conventioneers


Heat is probably a pressing concern when most of your membership belongs to AARP.
I have really questioned the notion floated by some mainstream media that the Tea Baggers are some great uprising of any value and staying power. Disenfranchised right wing extremists that hate Obama is more like the truth. Oh, and there's McCain's Frankenstein monster, Palin, who is little more than a typical right wing, money grubbing opportunist. They will have a lot less value to Republicans as they look more and more extreme, which they surely will if the Dems do their job.
You know, when most Americans associate your being a Tea Bagger with being a Terrorist, maybe it's not such a keen idea to have a Convention.

Unless it's sponsored by Russia, where Palin was born, or Panama, where McCain was born ...
By October they won't have enough attendees to fill a convention at the local Denny's. Convention-goers who lost their room and flight deposits because of this debacle are not likely to be too forgiving.
The Tea Baggers were a group whose thinly-veiled and primary call-to-arms was, "Get that n****r out of the White House!"

Now that some have gotten used to the idea, support is waning and for those, it's back to the WWE, piss beer, and collecting dolls and figurines.
Given the average age and BMI of the Tea Party, the heat might actually be a legitimate concern.
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The American Library Association just finished meeting in Washington DC, and even yesterday, which broke some heat records, that meant thousands of librarians were out and about walking and taking the DC Metro. At least among older librarians, there are similar BMI issues, and at least in LV it is a dry heat -- and when I've been there there have been all kinds of ways to travel around without exposing yourself to the heat. Hell, ALA met in New Orleans very soon after Katrina. A large organization simply does not cancel a sizable meeting for reasons like they're giving.
Why are the teabaggers worried about the heat? Medicare will cover their heatstroke treatment, after all.
@8 Earlier this month I was at a similar librarians' conference in Palm Springs, California, where the temperature was well over 100 every single day. Yes, it was a dry heat, but everyone said the primary reason for picking that location was because it was cheap.

Maybe one of the reasons the Teabaggers thought Las Vegas in July would be a good idea is because they thought they could get some deals. Doesn't say much for them that, even if they could, they still couldn't attract many attendees.