What a sweet response! I'm glad you accidentally sent this to somebody who sounds like she has her head on her shoulders such that her response was good enough to reprint here.

That said, please add Luke Burbank to your list of consulting advice-givers.
I think Becky should be a regular correspondent on SL.
Luke Burbank should definitely be consulted by accident or intent for a little SL.
The bit that leapt at me is "What he does have down below doesn't interest either of us".

If that's really so, then yeah, you can suck it like it's solid gold, but if he's truly not interested in that, he'll just endure it while wondering what's new on his Twitter feed, no?
"He isn't into anal (why would he be, without a prostate?)"

Wha!??!! YES ladies (and dudes without prostates) can be into anal. Very into. Despite the lack of prostate it can still feel good. Duh.
Becky sounds great! She should at least get a free "Stranger" shirt or something.
James Joyce was a fart huffer too. Not unheard of.
Bravo Becky! Excellent advice.
Don't know what to do down there? Fucking figure it out! How? ASK!

This advice tracksback to the dude who accidentally farted during a rimming and his partner reacted like he'd eaten a thorn. The partner needed to chill the fuck out, and hopefully dude has found someone more GGG and accepting of normal (if accidental and unsavory) things occuring during sex.
I found the statement "what he does have down below doesn't interest either of us" concerning the first time around. But the conversation got all sidetracked on cock-in-a-box and the difference between gender and identity politics and all the usual slog stuff, so I didn't comment.

But it is a very telling statement. I am pretty sure that it doesn't mean what gloomy gus interprets it as, i.e. the FTM guy isn't interested in having his clit sucked. I think it means that as both men are gay-identified, neither is turned on by female genitalia. The letter-writer certainly isn't, and he is assuming that since his friend is attracted to men and identifies as one himself, he is repulsed by his own genitals, which may not be the case.

The dick-less guy may love it if his friend sucks his clit as if it were made of gold, but the letter-writer isn't about to go anywhere near what his friend "has down below," as it repulses him, either actually or theoretically.

He is being selfish and whatever the opposite of GGG is. And to make it worse, he is projecting the justification of his selfishness onto his unsatisfied partner.

The FTM guy should find a new friend, one like the writer of the letter with the "bonus hole" in it. He should DTMF, the MF being the letter writer, A.
I'll bet Sullivan NEVER admits his mistakes. Good on ya, Dan.
I think Becky misunderstood part of the letter. She says "FTM's new package" may be "a little mangled unfamiliar down there." But SFTSLFI pointed out that bottom surgery is not in the cards yet, so it sounds like the FTM friend still has his original plumbing.
I concur with #6, send the girl a gift! The girl and her new boyfriend, with the biggest cock she has ever seen, seem great!

I will share a rather bad anecdote/story. My old bartending boss told me about going down on his wife under the covers. She farted, but he just kept on going until she had an orgasm. When he popped up from under the covers, she sheepishly apologized for farting. He replied, "That is alright, I needed the fresh air."

(BTW - I love the smell of pussy. I just was told the story in a night of serious drinking. It is probably a lie.)
What I'm not sure that everyone gets here is that the LW started off his letter with "my friend." As in "friend-with-benefits." As in "sex buddy." While I, like most everyone here, think the LW ought to get over his skeeviness about his buddy's vagina, and while I think FWB's are great, you have to remember that this isn't a serious relationship, and that we're not talking about being obliged to please this particular sex partner FOR THE REST OF HIS LIFE. If it's something the LW absolutely can't get past, move on, and make the FTM "just a friend."
This woman sounds just delightful. I would solicit her advice any day.
@13: okay; you're right. The letter-writer isn't necessarily obligated to be GGG, He's a buddy, not a boyfriend, and as a gay man, he doesn't want to put his face near female genitals. I sympathize, as I'm a very straight woman who really loves cock and isn't aroused by women's junk. In this case, I would move on though, because it seems to me that the letter-writer is getting what he wants out of the exchange but for whatever valid reasons, isn't willing to satisfy his buddy, whom he is furthermore implicating in the guy's self-abnegation.
This can't be psychologically good for his friend.
Eat that fucking pussy, faggot. Eat it and like it.
Oral is hardly the only option. Don't they own any toys? Does the letter writer suffer from arthritis in both hands? There are multitudes of ways to get the FTM friend off without having to get his face wet, if that's not his cup of ... tea.
@5 and others:
Women have a prostate. Mind you, until 2002 it was called Skene's gland.

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