Add some of that Bakon bacon-flavored vodka and you either have something amazing or down right Lovecraftian.
Sounds gross. Then again I live in a country where the national cocktail is the Caesar--basically a bloody Mary with clam juice. They're quite good by the way.
When Manray first opened, they had a smoked salmon martini on the menu. I always wanted to try it and when I finally got around to asking for one, they said it'd been taken off the menu. There's a life lesson in there somewhere, I'm sure of it.
Sarah Palin must be ecstatic! She is no longer the most disgusting thing ever out of Wasilla.
The Nordic types can hardly keep themselves from salivating, I'm sure.

Sex on the fjord, for example:
smoked-salmon vodka, peach schnapps, orange juice, cranberry juice. Mmm-mmm-delicious.

Or a Hallvard Wallbanger:
smoked-salmon vodka mixed in orange juice with a splash of galliano.
@2 Ditto! Caesar's are great, and in our plebian house are made with Mott's Clamato juice. Forgot where I was recently (in the States) and ordered a's hard to drink a salad.
The ultimate (and common, in Finland) flavoured vodka is "Diesel Vodka", where spicy/salty 'Turkish Pepper' hard licorice candy is dissolved in vodka, in saturation quantity. It ends up gloppy and black, thus the Diesel appelation. No way is this Lox-vodka as disgusting as that.
I'll wait for the anchovy-flavored one.
@7 OH MY GOD, that stuff is great!!! Seriously, hot summer day in Norway, sitting on a beach on the fjord, drinking licorice Absolut and eating shrimp and mayo on bread....SO good.

Dissolve one bag of this into one bottle of Absolut, leave in freezer.…
This entire conversation -- Ceasars, Diesel Vodka, bacon and salmon (and anchovy) flavored vodkas -- is almost enough to convince me to become a teetotaler.

Give me three shots of that and some smoked herring and gefilte fish as chasers. NOW.
Actually I think vodka in general might benefit from a shot of oily, smoked-fish liquor.

But on a more serious note, those descriptions in @7 and @9 sound delicious. I might even have to buy a little bottle of vodka to try that recipe out.
@12 the Norwegian version isn't gloppy or thick, just smooth like a liqueur. Our hosts made it the way I described (Absolut & candy), but over there you can also buy it pre-made...I've never seen it here. Keep it ice cold, it's weird but perfect for a late summer day. The peeled shrimp with aioli on white bread are traditional summer food, they go well with it!
Candy source:…

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