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She obviously has too much time on her hands.
that poor dog must be totally humiliated....
How does an adult get wronged by a 13 year old girl?
Aw, shit, that's fucking hilarious.
The face was superimposed over the woman's or the dog's?
@3 She doesn't, her daughter does. See the following:…
Wow. Just
The kids aren't the only ones who go a little insane in junior high school - sometimes a parent goes with them. The mother needed therapy. Instead she'll spend years behind bars. Her poor daughter loses twice, big time.
Well, that's disturbing, but... "surveillance video" from cameras pointing at, or inside, the bathrooms? I can see exterior cameras monitoring building entrances or the perimeter fence... is this level of security common now, or just in Utah? It's been, uh, awhile since I was in grade school. Back then, all my teachers had eyes in the backs of their heads, and that was more than sufficient.
@6 FTFA Stark allegedly told police that she believed the unidentified girl “wronged” her in some way.

Woman's got issues.

I Kinda feel bad for her daughter...Unless her daughter is irreparably damaged, then I'll feel bad from a distance


@9 In my middle school, we had drug sniffing dogs and somebody got found with a few 8-balls of coke in '98 (or, so we heard...damn rumor mill isn't that accurate).
I'm guessing she drinks, heavily.
I'm sure she's a very upstanding member of the Mormon church and is very supportive of "traditional" family values!
Wow! That 13 year old girl must be a total Bitch! @ #5 ROTFLMAO!!!
Probably just corridor surveillance. I'd be willing to bet it's quietly there in just about all public schools. And since restrooms are a likely spot for drug dealing, assaults, and sexual violence, wouldn't surprise me if they're watching to see who goes in.
So there's no law against bullying so they charge her with pedo porn even though no child was involved...?

I'm glad she goes to jail, but it's for the wrong reason.
@16 that was my thought as well, kinda creepy: USE PHOTOSHOP - GO TO JAIL..
@16,17: If I were to draw a cartoon of a child having sex, I could be charged with child pornography in Canada, Australia, the U.S. (2003 Protect Act) and Japan. Probably other places as well. This, at least, was victimizing an actual child.

Not that it's ideal, but it makes more sense than the Iowa man who got prison time for importing manga comic books that included scenes of children having sex.
@8- I think her daughter might be winning by not having her mom to deal with.

@16- Child porn laws are extremely loosely written. Though it'd seem to me like leaving porn in a school bathroom is some kind of distribution crime no matter what kind of porn it is.
@18 Like I said, I'm glad she goes to jail for the bullying. But there was no real sexual exploitation, just plain exploitation. Which is good enough for jailtime as far as I'm concerned, but we need better laws to fight bullying properly. (Let's say she had made the 'Shop for her own consumption, would it still have been illegal?)

As someone who makes a living drawing porn, I'm aware how vague pornography laws are when it comes to the virtual. In this case it struck someone who deserved punishment, but it's not always the case.
@20 In this case its sexual exploitation which seems to fit neatly with the crime.

I feel sorry for Stark's daughter. It's quite possible she just has a crazy ass mom and wasn't involved, yet she is probably completely outed by this article to those who know her.

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