Well done, Dominic. :-) Those buffoons...
Joni's just pissed that I p0wnd her six ways to Sunday.
And have you read any of the editorials about education? The Times sees fit to make any number of pronouncements (especially about the Seattle Schools superintendents - 3, count 'em 3 editorials in a month propping up her leadership) about education and yet NEVER give any evidence to back up those opinions. It's stunning how deluded they are. Eleven school staffs - independently of the SEA, the teachers' union - have voted no confidence in her. There have been at least 2 parent surveys that show low confidence and there is a parent/community petition being circulated. And yet the Times still seems to think she's doing a heck of a job.
Good eye for the contradictions. Seems like with so many staffers and stories to publish every day it's way harder for the Times to achieve hive mind as easily as the Stranger.
Well we know the Seattle Times is pro-torture since they keep publishing their Op-Ed page.
The Seattle Times would be happy if they could just find 20 new readers.
Yet the second something of significance happens in our fair city the Stranger will be sure to link to Over and over and over again.

I wonder if this means Frank Blethen has had a change of heart and will now support the millionaire tax so that such vital expansions of public services can be financed.
@5 for the spot-on win.

Maybe Frank B is flirting with backing some tea baggers to take out incumbents in some of the nearby races?

That is, after he shoots a few more dogs.
Grygiel rocks. 'nuff said

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