Would You Like to Go Inside the Haunted Old INS Building?


If you can actually find a building that's actually haunted, I'd definitely want to check it out, since no such phenomenon has ever been proven to actually exist.
@1 -- Is your favorite film "Love, Actually?"
Jen graves...did you know that there are 7 letters from somewhere near your n to the s in Jessica McClintock?

can you hyphenate a pedal steel slide rule during algebraic miscalculation in grammatical error in spelling and designed retro enhancement?

Do you think the McCLintock's will support this art investigation?

Why do artists always get investigated when they are nothing but poor people without insurance?

If I ask enough questions will the survey chat room stop sending the signal near my phone number, which just happens to be tied into the braille tap 911 reverse symbolisticologicalsticquantifyifisdicalasmaticalolgesid-custouralameaictroudropisficastoral depository.

remember, all things peter gabriel.stop. don't. no you must stop.
stop the fight.

just be.

but not the Beatles, bee.

elvis costello... they have to stop the bee.please. for the purpose of veronica.dbk.
you must hyper-delinate the c.
can't spell delineate?
get speedy," and ready to sell".... "thoughts on wasted states of radiohead"