Lunchtime Quickie: Adam Hood is NOT Gay, Okay?


is this going to be posted once a week on Slog now?
It wasn't ad fucking ascot last week when Dan posted this same thing and it still isn't an ascot this week!!

I still love you, Kelly.
Okay I only could get through 2:50 seconds and I am trying to eat my lunch - This makes me sick - what a backward idiot - ascot or not:) It would be really nice to convey what is beyond your planet and solar system and within it. Oh yeah the Hubble - This guy need to take a long look - he is just short sited
I am so sad I lost track of my dad's ascot after he passed. He was a Boeing guy with six clip-on ties..and one ascot.

So yeah, ceci n'est pas une ascot. And yeah, I still love you too, Kelly O.
I've been known to wear an ascot. Gentlemen of a certain age can find themselves wanting to cover their neck for various reasons. That is definitely not an ascot. Or a straight man.
Does this mean that this was the least flamboyant "ex-gay" man they could find?
Why doesn't their god book explain super novas? Or black holes? Or penicillin? Or even abortion? Seems their god fell asleep sometime in the third century.
Oh, and I love you too, Kelly! Smooch!
I'm sure he was convinced that coming out of the closet was the best thing he ever did, then heroin, and now God. With druggies, it's always the latest best-thing-I-ever-did, but the epilog is always sad; a relapse that usually ends in suicide.
@8: God is just a big picture guy and he left the implementation of his vague ideas to underlings, contractors, and sub-contractors. Lucifer oversaw the entire job and was tasked with attending to details. Thus the old saying "The devil is in the details." Terry Gilliam explained all this in his second and most holy film "Time Bandits."

Back to the youtube clip: I still say this deep-in-denial sack of shit looks like Rick Bayless's younger brother; Christ, they even share speech mannerisms.
are you all just not LOOKING at that man-scarf or what? do you not know what an ascot IS?…
That guy is one flaming Christian.
Sigh. I went to elementary school with Adam. He was the gayest little boy you ever saw. Ten times gayer than Gay Justin on Ugly Betty. He gave me my very first cassette tape-- Culture Club, "Colour By Numbers" and even did a gymnastics/dance routine (solo) to "I'll Tumble 4 Ya" in the school talent show. In the 4th grade. We parted ways in the 6th grade when he got a new hag. I didn't see him again until the late 90s in San Diego, when he flounced into the pastry shop where I worked, trailing an entourage that looked like a United Colors of Benetton ad with a little CK One thrown in. He was glittery, gorgeous and hadn't changed a bit from the fabulous gayby I had once known and hagged. Since then, I had always wondered what ever became of Adam Hood.

But never in a million years would I have guessed THIS. This... is just sad. I never knew he hated himself so much.