So Many 'Top Whatever' Lists, So Little Time...


Yes, I would most definitely preferred a more graphic representation of what doctors do.

But maybe a copy of this image would have been better, specifically because it grossed Dan out:…
One of my favorite 'best doctors' images (well actually... the only great one I can think of) was in New York mag a couple years back – a glossary shot of a bunch of different sizes and shapes of band-aids. Very simple and beautiful.
Oh look, teal and orange!
Anyone here watch Nurse Jackie? They had a similar scenario, a spoiled little creep of a doctor hired a publicists to get his name on a top 20 best doctors list for some magazine in Manhattan. So stupid & spoiled is this doctor, he didn't even know he paid to have his name printed.

So look at the list for Seattles top docs and see what year they graduated.
Does Seattle Magazine do anything BESIDES top this-or-that lists?

I'm breathlessly awaiting their "Seattle's Best "Best Of" Lists" issue, which I'm sure will be out any day now...
I'm happy to say that I have never purchased, nay, never even opened a copy of that magazine. Every time I see a copy of it I want to use my penis to leave mushroom prints on the cover. David Sedaris and the ghost of Hunter Thompson could team up to write 100,000 words for it on being weird in America and I still wouldn't buy it.
I found my doctor in Seattle Top Docs issue a few years ago: He is a fox AND an awesome doctor, so thanks for that. Therefore, I can forgive a tiny city mag in a small city for borrowing an idea from, like, the BEST city magazine in the one of the biggest city's in the world. It's not that horrible. Certainly not worth a blog post.