It's Gallagher Day! Mr. Gallagher Hijacks His Opening Act


gallagher is a trainwreck. i had the fortune (great stories)/misfortune (painful memory) of seeing the ol' watermelon smasher in NYC a few years ago. he was not able to sell enough tickets to a relatively mid-size theater and so the promoters brought some comics in to put butts in the seats. what followed was the most uncomfortable night of comedy i've ever experienced... luckily, my friend and blogger, Sean McCarthy, was there and chronicled (and videotaped) the event. it is more than worth a read. ow. my head hurts just thinking about it.…
oh, and solomon is the man.

and the url from my friend is:…
Solomon Georgio has lady hips... an no (unbeknownst to Georgio), he ain't pretty either...
I bet Gallagher's a power bottom.
IDK, I think he's kinda pretty! ;)
not that it disproves your point, which was that he would make gallagher's head explode, but: solomon is pretty unfunny. seen him live, just watched this. smug and boring.
Those are very kind words. My lady hips have never been happier!!
@6 Oh, I don't know, I thought the sucking dick w/ cotton mouth line was pretty funny.
@3 You make it sound like that's bad to have lady hips... He is kinda purty....