The Global Crisis of Neoliberalism


I think people would rather have jobs than speed bumps.
Truly, the crisis facing neoliberalism is rooted in the dichotomous implications of classical conservatism interfacing with the modern tension between individuality and the desire for social cohesion. Inevitably, postneoliberalism will have to address the underlying similarity between Hegelian gestalt and noneuclidean surfaces.
Actually, the rich are just fine. In fact, they're doing better and better as prices and interest rates go lower and lower. It's the rest of us who are screwed.
What #3 said.
"Judder bars" is such the better term than "speed humps"
They want their speed humps, yes. Which is to say, they support the existence of social control by the state. This counters a lot of the Ayn Randism of the moment, doesn't it? Conflicting winds. No wonder politics seems so adrift and aimless at the moment.
@1: I'd take a job building speed humps, right now.
Yes, while us plebes are busy anticipating the end of neoliberalism and the downfall of the elite, that same elite is busy taking advantage of low labor costs and free money to construct their cities in the clouds. They'll be gone, we'll declare victory and be too overcome by the toils of our own making to think to look up and see where it's all gone.
'The people' are going to have to learn to live with a lot less than speed humps.

This is part of the new reality of growing energy costs and its associated limitations on the production of new goods and services. I applaud Merkel's attempt to begin the rationalisation of her people's wants vs the resources available on a finite planet. Hopefully other leaders will follow suit in short order.

I suggest a browse through this blog, for a good read about the changing times ahead.
We need to make financial and economic system resemble to that in nature (Taleb), but the NWO is NOT something that is a product of natural evolution of civilization (Morgan, Rockefeller, etc.). Extremely rich people (global elitists) are preventing global system to evolve in a natural way, because no single species or subspecies in the nature has omnipresent control, and that is what they want from NWO.