This P-I Article About How Much Sex We Have Here in Seattle Is Confusing Me


Maybe you and Eli (two posts below) could put your little heads together on this one.

(Not those little heads, silly.)
On the plus side, Christopher included a chart. This makes his post look more sciencey than Eli's.
Those who talk about sex all the time (either individually or collectively) are probably not actually having sex nearly as much as they talk about it.

If you talk about it all the time you aren't getting it; if you are getting it all the time you don't feel the need to talk about it.

I would like some clarification on the 27 minute number. Does the clock start ticking at the first kiss, all the way through to the looking at one another, saying "Whoo! Time for a shower!"??? Or is it 27 minutes of penetrative, grinding sexual congress? Cuz if it's the first, well, lame but OK...however, if it's the latter then OUCH, you're destroying my butt!

@3: My thoughts exactly.

It's amazing how damaging this survey seems to be to Seattle's sense of self.
The graph is "ever", the text may be frequency (i.e., once was enough for most). Alternatively, the text includes the goofily qualified: "outdoors in the rain".
It all sounds like marketing lies and made-up stats to me.
I know the best place to have public, outdoor sex in Minneapolis — in plain sight — and not get noticed by anyone at all. And no, it's a secret that only two people (and our lovers, past and present) know.

No amount of Crema Café or Maria's Café goodness will get us to spill those beans.
It doesn't say that the outdoor sex had to be IN's just Seattle residents claiming to have HAD outdoor sex...obviously we are so excited about sunny warm weather when we travel for business/vacation that we immediately head for the great outdoors to get it on...
Telsa, I have to wonder if the Minnesotans don't notice the elusive 2 and their lovers, but are just too darned 'nice' to say anything about it.

All those porn movies must have had fake LA backdrops.