Stay Classy, Mel Gibson


Such of a wonderful Christian too!! You can just taste the love with each of those words.

How did his wife tolerate him for something shy of 30 years? Good god.
Wait, we weren't already ignoring him?
Perfect candidate for that tea party jesus website Dan posted earlier!
Sounds like a good Christian to me.
It's hard to tell who's the biggest douchebag, him or Tom Cruise.
@6, I think Cruise fits the douchebag label better. Gibson is an asshole.
Meh. I thought The Patriot was pretty good.
Goodbye Hollywood career.
I still like his movies. You just have to go in with the knowledge you are watching movies made by a crazy person.
"all her teeth are still in her mouth" WHAT
I am going to come and burn the fucking house down... but you will blow me first.
Are we sure they weren't just playing master and servant? And, no, I'm not going to click on anything to try to find out. Can't be bothered to care that much about what actors do when they're not acting.

Unless that was acting...
@10 - Exactly. The Passion of the Christ was the best gore-porn since The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (the original; truly, there can be only one), and I was just talking about how you sort of had to admire that and Apocalypto if only for the director's insistence on shooting in (essentially) dead languages (even if the languages weren't quite historically correct).

I think the reason we spend more time worrying about the Madness of King Mel than that of Kinski, Herzog, Wilder, Korine, etc., is that we assume that most of the latter are (more or less) of our own political dispositions. If I'm going to embrace the work of talented madmen, I should be willing to accept (if not necessarily be thrilled by) the fact that some of them are going to be bigots and fascists.
"But you will blow me first" should be on a t-shirt.
Shame on you, SLOG, for even giving this filth any press.
I've never been able to sucessfully receive a BJ after promising to burn down someone's house. That's a tall order.
@13 Exactly! Like he has an original vision for things and goes for it creating stuff that isn't stale the most of Hollywood. I thought Apocolypto was awesome
@14 - They made a "sugar tits" t-shirt so I'm certain you'll see one soon enough.
Mel who? Is he still alive?
@16 - but that's the best moment. Gasoline all around, the Zippo in your hand...

I kid.
He doesn't like gay people either. I've been ignoring him for years.
@13 I loved Apocalypto but the end left me thinking Mel didn't know how lovely the Christian Spaniards were in their treatment of the indigenus peoples.
@ 22,

The Spaniards converted them to Christianity. That's all that matters to Mel or any "true" Christian. Who cares about the slavery, rape, small pox, flu, murder, torture, and exploitation? They got the bible in return.
I always thought he died immediately after the filming of Thunderdome
I'm getting a boner
Has he been driven mad by syphilis? Dear God!

My favorite mistake in Apocolypto (repeated somewhat in Robin Hood) is when they show a full moon the same day as a total eclipse. Then, Christopher Columbus lands in Central America during the height of the Mayan Empire. Whoops.
I think you guys are missing the point of the apocalypto ending. I think he was trying to show that after all the main dude's hard work to save his family, they were all fucked anyway.

Mel Gibson is the best non-german filmaker of our time. His girlfriend was probably being a total bitch.
I remember many things in my time buy most of all I rember The Road Warrior, the man they called Max.