Marijuana Measure Won't Make the Ballot


As someone who has volunteered gathering signatures for this, I'm bummed out.

This illustrates just how badly our initiative system is in WA -- if you have money to pay for signature gatherers you can get pretty much anything on the ballot. But if all you have are volunteers, it is very doubtful you can get your views on the ballot.

since your volunteers are a bunch of happless marginally employed overweight pot heads, I can't understand why this didn't work out. I am TOTALLY surprised.
The problem is that only those initiatives that rich people or rich corporations get behind get on the ballot.

that and they didn't have their initiative in every copy of the Stranger until a COUPLE OF DAYS BEFORE THEY WERE DUE.

That said, when Oregon and Cali pass theirs, it will come back, because the Drug War is supported by nobody that matters on the West Coast, where half the US GDP comes from.
i collected several petitions worth of signatures. i was dumbfounded at the rationales offered by those who refused to sign. as i am by the glee of those laughing at the "stupid stoners" who don't have a sugar daddy paying for signature gatherers.

i could have done more. i am sorry i didn't.
It didn't help that there were stoned volunteers wandering around with no shoes on telling everyone on the street if they like to smoke weed they should sign up.

I know this isn't the only thing that prevented success. It did not prevent me from signing up. It would have been much more effective to suck up their personal fashion statement for a minute and dress clean cut while gathering signatures.

Now I feel guilty for not dressing up in a suit and walking around downtown helping to gather signatures telling people this is a "balance the budget" measure.
I really wanted this to succeed but good fucking god, scheduling your turn in for 4:20? If we want to legalize marijuana we need to make appeals that go beyond the stoner set. A guy with the marijuana leaf shirt and a shit ton of lit on a folding table is not going to attract enough people to get something like this on the ballot.

Ah well....
Of course, this means we'll be on the frontlines of the Drug War for another year, with more intrusive government we don't want ....

Cause now the feds will work with the local, county, and state cops to punish our State for daring to challenge their Rule.
Time to toke to forget.
stoners rule!
but mostly they drool....
The only way marijuana will ever be legalized is if you appeal to people by pointing out how much money is wasted on enforcement, and that a tax revenue could come from legalization.
appealing to the stoner crowd is a waste of time....seriously, do any of them *not* want legalized pot?
It will be legalized when there is not a multi-multi-billion dollar industry, with a powerful lobby/economic voice, keeping the prison and other elements of the fake "War on Drugs" cooking along. Suivez l'argent....
I'm so high right now.