Andrew Garfield Is the Next Movie Spider-Man


Andrew Garfield was amazing in Boy A! I like this news.
He doesn't look anything like Peter Parker to me, but whatever. His neck is sort of freaky -- he'd make a better Giraffe-Man.

I think it's funny that Sony made a big deal out of supposedly casting younger, like high school age, to reboot the franchise, and then cast a 26 year old.

I guess they can just reboot again, in a couple of years...
For a second there I thought you meant Danny Glover. Crotchety old black Spiderman would have been AWESOME.
I love that cat. He hates mondays like me.
Is he going to sit on the sofa and whine piteously to his much more intelligent and active wife, like the newspaper Spidey only ever does?
A black Spider-Man would have been totally awesome. It would have freaked the fuck out of middle America. That alone would be worth it.

Having said that, I have a huge and inexplicable crush on Andrew Garfield. Seriously. So even though I think yet another reboot of Spider-Man is a lame idea, I'll probably go see this based on the casting alone.
Another great Andrew Garfield role - Tom the boy next door in "Sugar Rush" (Scarecrow has it - in the LGBT section, most likely. His character has two dads that are G and loses his virginity to his neighbor before she comes out as L. "Where are all the straight people?", he tearfully wonders). Oh yes, Boy A is the role that won him a BAFTA. He's also awfully good in "Red Riding, 1974". And was completely wasted in Doctor Who's "Daleks In Manhattan".
He's also going to be in Never Let Me Go, which looks utterly devastating.
Wait, that isn't the guy that played little Donny on Upright Citizens Brigade? How is that possible?
why must Spider-Man be re-booted? Batman was the anomaly (and it wasn't that good, nerds).
@8, wow, in that trailer, the guy looks a lot like Brandon Routh from Superman Returns...
@1 That's why he looked so familiar.
Also wonderful in the Red Riding miniseries. So he's going to be making some big Hollywood dough now. Good for him!
You call that a Garfield picture? Dlisted's got the Garfield Picture:
OMG how did I forget that he was in Red Riding? I'm glad for him and all, but it is kind of weird that they cast someone in his mid twenties to reboot the series back into early high school.
They need a damned kid. Why is it that Hollywood tries to force everything younger and younger (remember the Superman reboot? Lois Lane was like 22 and it supposedly took place AFTER the first films) but this one property which SHOULD be about people in high school is going to be again cast with people who will be pushing 30 by the time it's in the can? Spider-Man was largely ABOUT teen angst!
I don't care what anyone says, I just want to see the ranga without his shirt on.