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i THINK he meant that the escalation in AfPak was of Obama's choosing.

regardless, the GOP in disarray just prior to an election, and bickering among themselves, is a net positive for the future of the planet.
And so he proves that he belongs on the list of token minority republican political figures who turn out to be morons.
He's the perfect leader for the Republican Party.
The GOP has been looking to get rid of Steele for a while. Massively stupid comments aren't uncommon for the GOP, but this one gives them a chance to fire him without looking racist.
Love, love, LOVE your continuing muppet icon for Steele - always makes me smile, and a nice lead in to a long weekend of smiles. Thanks.
When I think of the Republican Party now, all I envision is a running loop of WW2 aerial stock footage, like of a B-17 all shot to shit by flak and slowly spiraling away to oblivion.
The problem isn't Steele's selective amnesia here -- claiming Obama caused some problem that predates him is standard operating procedure. The problem is that he is criticizing a war.
The Republican Party chained themselves to Michael Steele. Now, they want to throw him over a cliff.

I'm waiting to see if gravity still works.
The entire party is at each others' throats over a whole lot of different issues right now (half of them are frothing at the mouth at the NRA too). Not the kind of "unity" you'd expect to see from people who, given the current state of unhappiness with all politicians in this country right now, should be expecting to make some significant gains in November.
@9 Just out of curiosity, what are they pissed at the NRA for? That is news to me.
Because it appears that the NRA cut a deal with the Dems to exempt them from the DISCLOSE Act. Maybe they did and maybe they didn't (Wayne LaPierre says they didn't), but it sure looks that way.
thankfully Republican circular firing squads are protected under the Constitution.

Just wait until the real fun begins. The "real" Republican party wheelers and dealers (I.e., the ones with more money than they could spend in six lifetimes) think the Teabaggers are a bunch of nuts. They're right, of course, but sooner or later there's going to be a parting of the ways there, too, and it's not going to be pretty.
Thank you, I needed that
This seriously reminds me of when Giuliani said that there were no terrorist attacks under Bush. Obama's the one who started the war in Afghanistan now?
(And the really stupid thing is that, of the wars we are currently fighting, the one in Afghanistan is the only one that was ever justified; Al Qaeda was there, not in Iraq.)
I, for one, never imagined a GOP leader saying anything that would cause [GOP] leaders to regard it as the "height of stupidity."


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