It's All Fun And Games Until Someone...


I think the fear is they will lose support for the war before we can pull back. It really is crucial that the Taliban not take over Afghanistan again.
Affront to troops? No.

Affront to reality? Yes.
I was talking on the phone with a friend of mine who's an Army Ranger the other day, and he said, "the hell of it is, this war is absolutely winnable. All we have to do is keep this up for another 30 years or so and they'll get demoralized."

Speaking as a soldier I don't think it is demoralizing... Ultimately what we all want is to have a country to come home to that has some semblance of the one we've grown up in, that means no Depression, No recession, and jobs so that if we choose to soldiers can leave the military and have a place in the civilian world.

From what I hear so far. I deploy in August so we will find out, is there is no fighting going on, insurgents mortar us, shoot at us, and there is nothing we can do...We arrest people for suspicion and without photographic evidence of them conspiring as a terrorist they are released over and over again.

If the war were to end tomorrow I would be happy that I no longer have to search the Army Times for people I know who might be Dead.

Afghanistan does not want our help, the people there do everything in their power to take our money and use it against any effort to make it a stronger nation of peace.
@1, Indeed, it is SO VITALLY important that the Taliban not take over again, that we're willing to continue to kill Afghani children to prevent it from happening.