Lunchtime Quickie: Happy 4th of July from Sidney


Sidney's got some impressive guns!

(And I'm not talking about the Tec 9)

(I'm not talking about her tits either)
The fundamental truth of this video is that the women are there to make a video about guns look normal.
There really is a lid for every pot, I guess.
Speaking of the 4th of July, I've got suggestions for anyone looking for fireworks. I'm a professional pyrotechnician and have spent the past week checking out fireworks stands within an hour or so of Seattle. Skip the tribal locations (Boom City at Tulalip, Firecracker Alley at Puyallup, Muckleshoot, Swinomish, Stillaguamish, etc).

North of Seattle:

Winchester Fireworks
11701 Highway 99, Everett
Between Airport Rd and Everett Mall Way, Directly across the street from WalMart

Stinky's Fireworks
Total Collision (former Oneil's Grocery)
21621 Mountain Highway (Hwy. 7)
Spanaway, Washington 98387

I was at Stinky's yesterday and some of their prices are half what I've been seeing at tribal stands.

Have a fun and safe 4th!
America, Fuck Yeah!
smoke me some meth ay
thanks @4!

have you ever gone to Stinky's for an AFTER Fourth Sale....
I hear rumors...
Don't know about an after 4th sale, they have an email address on their website and you could ask:

The legal selling period ends July 5th, possibly at noon, so that doesn't leave a lot of time.

I took some pictures during my visit yesterday:…
Can't edit, so double posting... Contrary to popular belief, you won't always get great deals on or after the 4th, fireworks aren't fruit and their storage life (when properly stored) can be measured in decades. Some places might try to clear out, but I know Stinky's is the kind of place that holds stock until next year, this also helps them minimize year to year price increases. And honestly their prices are already about as low as you can get in retail, they have pretty narrow profit margins already compared to other places.

I've got contact info on my blog if anyone has specific questions, I love helping people with fireworks. If there is a fireworks related post tomorrow I'll probably spam that with these two places again when I get off work at 3pm, then I'll be doing fireworks stuff all night and all day tomorrow setting up a professional show.