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It sounds like Dr. New is setting herself up for serious legal trouble. I wonder what drug will cure that?!?
So my big clit and PhD are pathological? Good to know.
"That's a serious abuse of medicine, and an affront to the rights of all women, but especially the rights of lesbian and bi women."

I would say it is just as much of an affront to straight women. The idea that lesbianism is bad is tied into the idea that heterosexual women should be subservient to men. They want to prevent women from thinking outside of normal not because the existence of lesbians threaten them. It is because if straight women rethink their position then they are in trouble.
If someone were treating me with an experimental drug and not telling me it was experimental, I would be livid. And so these women should be.

And I know this is my knee jerk sexism in play, but I am so doubly offended that a woman is doing this to other women.
This is an affront to all patients, because informed consent should include, "The Endocrine Society states that this drug should only be used in clinical trials, because the possible dangers do not clearly outweigh the risks."
This is giving me a headache. I just... am so distraught about this. Why would anybody do this to anybody?
Thanks Dan, for bringing attention to this....tis fucked up!!
Hello Mr. Savage. If it were true that prenatal dexamethasone were being used simply to "prevent lesbianism," then any expectant mother who wanted to make sure her daughter isn't a lesbian would be a potential candidate for the therapy. In fact, only pregnant women with CAH, a rare genetic disorder that puts them at risk of giving birth to a baby with ambiguous genitalia and the serious medical issues that go with that condition, have been offered this controversial therapy. Nothing in the email you quote from Alice Dreger refutes this point in the slightest; indeed, I am in agreement with her. I'm just pointing out that it is misleading to characterize prenatal dexamethasone as an in-utero preventative for lesbianism.
@8 Would you care to enumerate these "serious medical issues"? I notice you don't refute any other part, by the way.
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