For the Record


I'm just glad it's not a hundred degrees.
Weather queens are so annoying.

I've only lived here for 3 years now, but every Seattle-native tells me that summer doesn't really begin until after the 4th of July. Apparently that's actually true for this year.
I would weep for Dan, as I weep for myself, but he should have enough money to be able to fly away to warmer climes unlike the rest of us, so he gets only a modest amount of sympathy.
no complaining, move to san diego and watch out for fires
Don't come to Alberta, then. I went to watch fireworks last night (Canada day) outdoors, as they tend to be, wearing a t-shirt, thick hoodie, and a softshell down-to-my-knees jacket on top....and sandals. I have what appears to be 2nd degree frostbite on my toes.
Sorry about the cold and the rain! It's been perfect down here in the Santa Barbara area for the past couple weeks. But Charm City's heat and humidity beckon.
Dan-- It is a lovely, lovely day in Los Angeles. Just like yesterday and the day before. Come back.
9's been sunny here all day long. But it's been crazy windy again.

I haven't figured out which I west side of the state with lack of sun and rain? ... or the east side which is sunny, windy and weird.
Hey day it is currently 79 degrees and sunny is Chichago, please move back, there were also only 40 shootings over the weekend.
This weather is awesome. Moving to the NW from LA is the best thing I ever did. Hooray for gloom!!!!
Dan it's a perfectly normal day here in Oregon for May. What? Did you say it was July?!!! Oh fuck.

(sarcasm mode on) You know I don't think that Global warming thing has been studied enough.

I'm enjoying the rain in Austin, TX right now... it's a pleasant break from the overwhelming heat of last month.
You just sit there and say to your cow-orkers, "watch this, bitches, 50 comments with another weather post, it's like taking candy from a baby", don't you?
Well, Dan, in a few days it'll be like 80 again there, so calm the hell down.
It's still sunny in Vancouver! Muahahaha!
No, Fnarf—do you think any of my co-workers speak to me?—but thanks for doing your part.
Get used it, everyone. No matter how shrill idiots like 5280 get, global climate change is a reality. Humans worked hard for a long time to create it, it will take much longer & much harder work to get rid of it. I doubt it will happen, as our leaders would much rather listen to the few blithering idiots that tell them it isn't real instead of the legions of very hard, very real facts that have been researched for decades that tell us... the weather will never be what it used to be. Ever. In our lifetimes. Maybe our children will, if the world started to address the issue ten years ago. Most likely it won't be until our great-great-grandchildren are around that they will see normal, sedate weather patterns, plentiful harvests & clean water.
next time, try working some sports and seattle driver issues for the trifecta, you petulant little crybaby.
This is awesome - I've got the beach to myself!

Today in Chicago: Sunny and 89.
Saturday forecast in Chicago: Sunny and 89.
Sunday forecast in Chicago: Sunny and 89.
Monday-Thusday in Chicago: Thunderstorms every freakin' day. (but still mid-high 80s).
European friends don't seam to understand that talking about weather can drive real conversations with passion and confrontation. I was thinking canadian were special, but it seam to be true in USA too.
There's only one shrill idiot around here, and it ain't me.
@22, the thunderstorms in summer there, wow. One afternoon storm was so fearful my friends' golden retriever left alone in the house panicked and chewed a heavy brass doorknob clean off the front door trying to get out.
Wait a minute, aren't you the boss Dan? When the sun comes out, you turn your work over to the Stranger minions and you leave. That's what minions are for.
OK: Signing in from Lake Erie, and the summer so far has been pretty damned fantastic. Only in the 70s this week, but 80s before that, and 80s-plus starting again tomorrow. They call it "Dreary Erie", but not right now. I'm lovin it.
"We are NOT allowed to complain about the weather because this is Seattle and IT RAINS HERE and you KNEW THAT WHEN YOU MOVED HERE and so while people in other cities are allowed to complain about unseasonable weather YOU ARE NOT because THIS IS SEATTLE and Seattle is DIFFERENT THAN ANYPLACE ELSE and you knew. YOU KNEW." - Dan Savage, earlier this year.

Dan I am going to post this every time you complain about the weather. We're as sick of hearing you complain as you were of hearing other people complain when you posted this.
In Southern Ontario we are looking at a sunny weekend with highs around 90F (humidex puts it around 100). I like real summers. I don't miss wet coast summers at all.
Oh, for Maude's sake. You've lived here a long time. One little trip to Chicago and you forget the summer doesn't start until the 5th of July?
There's a reason for that, too. If the 4th is hot and sunny, you have to keep the hose extra-handy during fireworks to keep from burning the neighbor's house down.
I ate spicy posole in a winter coat today while people huddled outside the restaurant for warmth. I went shopping for sandals, threw my hands up and said, "oh, what's the use?" I have fifteen conversations a day about this weather, but I seem to be the only one who thinks that 55 and rainy in July is a crime.
This website will allow you to compare the weather from one month this year to a month last year. Last year we had one of the nicest springs in a while. If you compare June from this year to that of last year you can see a huge difference.…
Cliff Mass says it will be in the 80's next week. Anyone care to wager on the date and hour when Dan will complain cause it's too HOT?
In Seattle, summer officially begins on July 5. You should know that, sir.
@34: thanks. cliff. mass. weather. blog. dan, i'm sure you've heard of him. go read how slightly chilly but ultimately normal this weather has been. then go have a drink and forget that you're spending your time reading a goddamn WEATHER BLOG. our city needs a hobby.
Dan's original post made me laugh out loud!
I total agree with you on the weather and don't mind one bit if you bitch, but I must know-- do you have co-workers or cow-orkers (@15)?
...and we all disappear when you leave the room...
You're so cute Dan.

Surely you're not longing for Chicago weather? I grew up in Chicago and left because of the awful weather ... very little sunshine and God-awful cold.
wow the troll really feels sorry for the savage fanboys who really are amused by this crap we have to be here because we are on a mission from god but folks who are here by choice are really to be pitied
just sayin'
@fnarf - so glad i'm not the only one that uses the term "cow orkers"
maybe if you weren't so fuckin skinny you wouldn't be so fucking cold - you chicken hawk!!
Two years ago in July we had a freaking tornado here in Vancouver, WA. A tornado! Count your blessings!
Bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch. Look on the bright side. You're not HAITIAN. Living in HAITI. Quit yer bitchin'.
Yes, seriously, STFU about the weather already. This is not Victorian times; you're allowed to talk about other, more controversial and interesting things.
Here's what it's like in San Francisco right now.....…

I drove down here with my son (yes, it's within driving distance with two drivers).

Fantastic...I'm charging up with sunshine and for once I expect to spend a Fourth of July in a t-shirt instead of huddling in the rain!

I suggest you mossbacks start shouting ROAD TRIP!
Hate Washington. So much. Born and raised here, and about 5 years ago (unfortunately after we bought a house) something shifted in my perception of the weather and ability to deal with the gray. It was after my mom committed suicide, I know that much. I used to just smile and shake my head as a teen when my mom swore that the rain was going to kill her, and I used to just kind of tune out the arguments where she begged my dad to move us back to Idaho or Utah, away from the g*dforsaken rain.

Then there was that 2-year debilitating depression, and I swear, the sun must have shone at some point during those two years, but all I remember is rain and gray. And now she's gone, and when the sun shines, it's okay. But it's not shining often enough.

Now, I swear it gets worse every year. I just reached a tipping point, and I hate this state and everything about it so freaking much.

Yes, it's pretty b/c it's green. I don't care. The desert is beautiful too and it has (what's that called?) sun, clear skies and minimal rain.

What really bugs me is when people sit around and crow about the awful weather and how awesome it is, then act personally offended that I and others can't handle it. If you love this weather, more power to you, but stop acting like picking up your entire life and moving somewhere sunny and bright is as easy as a snap of the fingers. Stop telling me to move. Believe me, if we could afford to move and sell our house in a reasonable amount of time and align the job transfer correctly, we would be out of here like *that*.

Unfortunately, it's not a possibility at this point in time. So yes, I will complain. And you can go ahead and love the weather and state that, too. BUT STOP TELLING ME I'M ABNORMAL FOR HATING THIS WEATHER AND STOP TELLING ME TO MOVE!!!! (wait, unless you'll buy our house and pay our moving expenses . . . then you can say whatever the f*ck you want about my inability to handle the weather).
Baby. Whiney baby.
OK, I'm in Rome. It's 38 degrees C here (do the math---that's Vince's 100, cf comment number one). I would kill to be home in the PNW. Really
Yeah. I live in Rochester, NY, but not for too much longer. For about a third of the year, it is THE MOST gorgeous place I've ever lived. Lush, green, farm country all around, mountains, etc. Fall = dazzling! But the winters last forever, it seems, not so much because of the cold & ice, but the lack of sun. Average sunny days per year = 120, less than a third of the year.

I <3 Seattle, & can't wait to visit again, but am too prone to seasonal depression to ever consider living there. Even though it's otherwise awesome. Be back in 2011 to love your grey skies up close 'n' personal, though.
"The problem is people talk about the weather like it's the war and the war like it's the weather."

A cookie to the one who knows who came up with this aphorism.
Rain is good for the brain. Make the most of it.
So right now it's 100 in NY, 90 in Chicago, and 60 in Seattle. Please tell me you finally realize that you have the better deal here.
Ok so it is 90 degrees up here in Ontario, and I spent 5 hours on a Greyhound with a grumpy boyfriend. For those wondering, Greyhound buses across-province are where air conditioning and sanity go to DIE. Give me your rain, Dan, I'll trade you for my sweat soaked, dehydrated existence.
Well Dan, you could move back to the Midwest. It's been one of those hazy, hot, and humid fucking miserable smog alert summers here.