Got Plans For Tomorrow Night?


I'm suddenly so sad that I am busy tomorrow night. =(
I'd rather shit razor blades and corn oil than watch that crap. Why are you promoting it Dan? Is he blowing you?
That's Okay @1, there are already about a hundred bazillion RSVP's, so you'd probably end up on a waiting list anyway.
That's okay @2, I'm sure your mom can entice you out of your basement lair with a meatloaf on Wonder Bread with Mayo sandwich.

Don't pass it up. I'm sure it's about as close as you'll ever get to kissing a girl - or boy, for that matter...
So. no one's liveslogging Germany-Argentina? You west coasters are probably too tired from all your pot and rain to be watching soccer at 7:30 on a Saturday. Oh well.
Leave it to the Canadians to get up early and have no one to talk to....sigh.
Well, I'm in Toronto, so it's 11 my time. Not really that early.
Argentina's starting this half with some energy.
Maradona might want to teach his players about this rule called "offside."
Germany's Boateng has been great on defence. If Ghana had won, we could have had three Boatengs in the semi-finals.

Lahm is also playing solid defence. Germany needs to play more aggressively, though. 1-0 is definitely not a guaranteed game.
That second goal was just too easy. Argentina's never going to get through Germany's defence twice at this point. I think this game is a done deal.
I wonder if Angela Merkel will get a locker room picture of beer drinking with a shirtless player like Bill Clinton did.
Also, fuck Germany. I really, really wanted Argentina to win this one :(
3-0, scored by defender Arne Friedrich. Might as well turn off the TV and head on out. Hopefully there'll be a liveslog for Paraguay-Spain. That should be a better game.
You gave it a good effort, CN! You also seem to know something about soccer, whereas I only read LiveSlog for the foreskin chat and show-tune contests. Looks like we were both disappointed this a.m. Ah well, there are flowers to water in the arctic chill that is this July.
Has the Argentine keeper kicked the ball once? Does he not know how to use his feet?
I'm so glad someone called out the irrelevance of posting this and then turned it into a soccer thread. And I'm even more glad my RSVP was confirmed for the show early this week, yay Tom!
Tom Lenk's role was one of the many, many things wrong with the last two seasons of Buffy. I'm sure Lenk himself is very funny in person--he'd have had to be, unless he was holding incriminating pictures of Marti Noxon and James Marsters' threesome.
@18, I thought the character of Andrew was one of the only redeeming features of Buffy season 6 and 7. You gotta love someone who thought Timothy Dalton was the best Bond.
Thanks to the great nation of Canada for raising such diligent livesloggers! I wish I'd been up to keep you company, but as a lazybones I have few peers.

All I can offer is the tidbit that Uruguay's Suarez declared after yesterday's match "the hand of God now belongs to me".…
I'm Switzerland on the subject of Andrew on Buffy (there were enough things wrong with Seasons 6 & 7 that his presence didn't make things better or worse, IMHO), but I must say that Lenk is looking quite yummy these days. I didn't recognize him at all in that photo!
That is priceless, Gus! I'm now imagining Bocanegra and others hastily returning the obviously fake Hands of God they bought on Ebay before the World Cup....luckily they're still within the 45 day PayPal refund window.

PS I was only awake due to the whining of an incontinent Labrador, not because I'm one of those annoying morning people...
OK. Now that you west coasters are out of bed, are we going to use this post for Paraguay-Spain?
@21: Lenk was always one of those that had to downplay his looks for the part. He's adorable.

Why are all the beautiful, slightly effeminate men gay?
"Why are all the beautiful, slightly effeminate men gay?"

I believe that is one of life's eternal mysteries, Nurse, much like the existence of Marshmallow Fluff.

Re: the soccer: I don't have a TV near my computer, and am but a humble country bumpkin without high-speed, so watching TV online is like awkward highschool sex..."go, go...wait a minute, fumble..go!, not really..." which reduces me to impatiently enduring all the soccer talk, waiting, sometimes fruitlessly, for the conversation to drift around to something I can relate to, like body shots, what I think of foreskin, or the musical superiority of the Cure's "Love Cats."
Nurse! Canuck! Is that Spain in the blue? Such handsome uniforms. The red and white is terrrrible.
I have never had a body shot, I am envious of anyone with foreskin on a "grass always greener" basis, and "Love Cats" produces the most embarrassing dances I've ever done.
Hurrah! I'm not alone!

Paraguay's uniforms are almost identical to my high school soccer uniform. They really could do better.

But, they couldn't play much better than this. Paraguay has exceeded my expectations these games. I thought Spain would have been more dominant than they have been.
Good lord, the half's almost up. Poor Valdez wide by 13.2 miles there.
Paraguay is great to watch, I can see that now. This should be a fun match.

What I know of Spain, Canadian Nurse, is almost entirely from Almodovar. Accordingly, I always imagine they may be playing super hard but also thinking about something fizzy related to cinema or family or lovers or priests or all four.
Haven't been on either end of a body shop since university. I like foreskins in theory, but since I've never had a LTR with someone with one, I find myself initially perplexed whenever presented with one. "Love Cats" = awesome.

So, the CBC commentators strongly believe that Paraguay's goal should have stood, although it was called offside. I'm not sure.
G Gus, I thought Spain would win it all this year, so I expected them to be ahead by now. I love the idea of all of the players being Almodovar characters.
Hey everybody! I'm glad you're all here. Spain is playing badly. And that one My Generation ad with the teen pregnancy thing weirds me out.
RE: Offsides, ESPN desk people say it was a good call.
Emmet! Hurrah!

I'd love if this post ended up hitting "Most Commented" without the majority of the comments being anyhow related to the original post.
Re: Offside
I think so, too, Emmet. It was just by seconds, though. He was on the right side of the defenders until the ball was in the air, but he still slipped behind the defenders before the ball was behind them.
Spain is so handsome I can't even see the ball.
Hi, I'm a cute Spain player chatting on the sidelines with my coach, lifting my shirt and playing with my junk. Love me.
I was just distracted by someone actually in the room with me. Who replaced Torres?
@15 is showing how Age of Aquarius hair is DONE.
Penalty! Spain isn't just playing badly, they're playing stupidly.
Pique you tricky bastard!
I know. I can't believe they even bothered to debate the ref.

Amazing save!!!!!!!!!!
O that poor Paragueno! He looked so hopeful and tender!
Oh, that was a dive. Alcaraz does not deserve a yellow card.
These refs are insane! Whats going on?!?

We need the sedate, accurate Japanese refs today.
Hooray! A blow against imperialism of past centuries, etc.!
This is the craziest game ever. I'm going to get an ulcer.

BTW, Gus, I've never heard the phrase "hopeful and tender" used to describe a soccer player before. I approve!
The Paraguayan goalie is amazing!!!!!
I hear ya, nurse - whatta save there! This is high drama, but I don't know if it's good football.

And that player's face in closeup reminded me of the expression Sal Mineo mustered toward James Dean, I dunno.
I want to trip whoever that Spaniard is with the too-long perm. I can't read his name off his shirt for all the jheri-curl back there.
Gus, I agree it's not great football, but it's good goaltending, on both sides. Yeah, I was cheering for Spain at the beginning of the match, but I'm getting tired of their attitude.

I don't think I can handle another overtime game, though. Someone needs to score in the next 20 minutes.
Spain offense seems more awake suddenly.
Good timing to replace Valdez. He was looking stiff.
Attitude is right, Nurse. Spain is the first team I've seen where every player looks like a hawt millionaire. They're putting on the pressure now!
A single-name player for Spain. "Pedro".
I know I'm over-commenting, but the permy player for Spain, no. 5, looks like the bassist for some 70's band from the north of England to me.
Not only is there a "Pedro," but there's also a "Xavi."

Spain was playing cleaner soccer at the Europe cup. I didn't get the same sense of attitude. There was confidence, but it wasn't aggravating.
Sweet Jesus!! I go vacuum, and come back to LIVESLOG and 55 comments!! Foreskin! Body Shots! Home Perms!!!!!
@58 Like This Is Spinal Tap, Gus??
Yeah, Puyol's kinda hilarious. Have you seen his official pic? He's just too much.
Who are we rooting for?
Damn, that was nervewracking! Poor Paraguay. It's a Happy Handsome Millionaire pigpile now.
And there goes Nigel Tufnel!
I dunno. I was going for Spain, but they've upped their attitude and reduced their skill, so I don't care anymore. I'm just cheering for a dramatic game.
"Happy Handome Millionaire pigpile"

Gus, you do have a way with words.
Canuck, I'm still for Spain I fear - the uniforms won me over from the start. Reason has little sway in my life.
Hey! I just noticed we've made the most commented list. Way to go, team!
Me, I go for the bums, whoever has the cutest bums...would that be Spain?
Where'd Emmet go?
Rah Rah!! Edging out "No sex for 8 years" guy...
That was so exciting! Go Paraguay!
There's lots of good bums all over this match, but Spain just barely edges out Paraguay.

Oh no! Ramos has a beautiful face and now it's all ruined! :-(
Canuck, in Spain the bums all turn out to be Irish who lost all their Celtic Tiger money on vacation homes there.

Oh no! Age of Aquarius en Espanol is wounded!
Ramos has the face of an angel. A petulant angel. Wow.
Oh Gus, *those* bums don't do it for me AT ALL.

Did Age of Aquarius have a FORESKINJURY??? (I was holding that in...)
Oh, there's poor Cardozo, who may have to relive that miss for the rest of his life....
Ramos link, please.
I'm calling it now, Spain vs Germany will be the match of the tournament. Even better than the final.

Cardozo looks like he's about to blow his stack.
My *refresh* finger is getting tired.
Hi, I'm Sergio Ramos, and I like to be gently bound:…
Canadian Nurse, that would be fabulous. I can't wait!
Oooo, pretty eyes! Gracias. (I can lend you some rope...)
Oh! Such a good picture, Gus. Thanks!
Oh My God, Canadian Nurse, the abs! the abs!!!!!
PS We are 1/2 way up the Most Commented pile...
I know. His abs are amazing. They look so lickable.
Nurse, you doll. This was an awesome substitute liveslog, you northern darlings. Thank you for getting it rolling! See ya soon I hope.
Hasta La Vista, Sloggers!
I'm travelling for work next week, but I'll try to check in for the other games.

This was fun, now I'm going to go swimming!
@83 SWOON.
"This free show is sold out."

That's an oxymoron.
it is what passes for wit on the Slug
Oh, and BTW, it was a pretty damned funny show.