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"Remember when Apple was beloved?"

AGAIN with this!??!

The SAME kid who made the first video also made this video:

Speaks more to the ignorance of the consumer than the manufactures. I think you have to read sources other than Gizmodo though. I'm just sayin, it helps.
A little more info in this attempt at humor in the D Pogue NY Times video. Sprint suckitude is legendary.…
I'm tempted to send this link to a friend who upgraded from 3 to 4 Thursday and spent much of yesterday trying to get Apple to hazard a guess why he got no home reception any more.

I should send it, but I think he'd hit me next time I saw him. And I'm a coward, no braver than Anderson Cooper in a sense, even if I did manage to make it all the way out of the closet myself:
Whoops! Sorry about the link:…
Definitely reminiscent of some of the better episodes of Arby 'n' the Chief, between the computerized voices and the bewilderment as a response to stupidity.
@3 David Pogue is the biggest Apple shill of all. Not surprised he would criticize the Evo. Apple can do no wrong for him.
@4 Oh Gus, nice to know there is someone else out there who appreciates Michael K's humour over at Dlisted. And Anderson's BF is hot, although I liked the picture of him from last year better. Those white running shoes do *nothing* for me.
Apple has always been the target of detractors who are more influenced by a laundry list of technical specs than the implementation of those specs into useful features. There is nothing about the spirit of this video that wasn't also levied against the Macintosh or the iPod.

Apple has more admirers today than they ever have. It's the software, stupid.

They did botch the antenna, though.
Who'd a guessed we haunted Dlisted, Canuck! I agree that The Boyfriend Who Mustn't Hold Coop's Hand in Public Ever did look better a year ago too. Those denim shorts also, yuck.

My favorite comment about the BF was, "he needs more muscles, because look at his face.."
I think it's the hair, Gus. He looked way better with the skull cut, and his beard is trimmed too high, doesn't do anything for his jawline. Anderson looks all shifty...

Up next by Dan:
"THIS is your new Anderson Cooper's Boyfriend Thread"
enough with the antenna already…
@9 Apple also has many detractors who appreciate the usefulness and slickness of Apple products but who have a problem with the way Apple severely restricts what users can and can't do with a product, which apps are and aren't approved, etc. For many it's an ethical issue rather than merely technical issues.
@13, maybe the Savage Love app's approval is a sign the buttclenched app control you describe so well might be, er, loosening with age? Beginning to flap open a bit? Sorry, I'm sitting on the waterfront and elderly tourists are waddling past.
"It prints fucking money" that made my day.
That sounds like Apple's original voice synthesizer.
Dear Internet,

Gizmodo and Apple had a little falling out a while ago. You may remember it. Gizmodo bought goods stolen from an Apple engineer, then posted pictures of the goods and called it "breaking news." Of course they didn't report anything new about the phone they had purchased (like say, how the screen was actually molded to the glass and composed of a substance stronger than sapphire, the stainless steal sides that double as antennas, the gyroscope inside it). They just posted pictures.

Anyways, they felt stolen goods were a good investment for a "story," so they ran the pictures and identified (and made fun of) the poor engineer who left the thing at a bar. They were stunned to find out that stealing stolen goods is a crime when their "reporter"'s house was raided. They claimed Apple was involved in the raid. Apple claimed that they had nothing to do with it, that Gizmodo was part of a criminal investigation that occurs when an entity buys stolen goods.

Gizmodo kept mocking Apple and blaming them for everything. Apple, in turn, did not give Gizmodo a WWDC press badge. Unsurprisingly, Gizmodo is not the biggest fan of Apple right now.

So, Internet: Please stop citing Gizmodo on anything regarding Apple. They're doing anything to make Apple look bad. They're also not really journalists.


P.S. He made one about the iPhone side of things, too:…
Best Buy... I knew there was a reason I don't shop there any more.
Futurama had a funny new episode spoofing iPhones on Thursday night.

Next week's episode is a spoof of California's Proposition 8 and a fight to legalize robosexual marriage...
I hate fucking computer generated voices in videos. Hey kid, no comic timing? Write it down. Don't curse us all with this godawful performance.

Also, for everyone who's swayed by this argument, you lose another potential customer for your iPhone app, Dan - and my apps, and every other developer's apps. I'm just trying to make a buck doing what I love.
If this guy works in an at-will state, he's fucked. If not, he should send a letter to the ACLU.
Actually, the iPhone 4 store video referenced by Surly is by someone else, but it's pretty funny.
The person who made the animation needs to learn how to misspell words to get the speech synthesizer to pronounce them correctly.