Sometimes those you would least expect are suddenly at the vanguard of civilization.
Actually, I like long hair in almost any form.

When are they going to outlaw mullahs?
I think stupid hair cuts should be appreciated for ... giving more color and ambiance to the world.

No offense man but does EVERYONE on the planet have to have the same exact haircut? Slightly long on top, buzzed on the sides?
Actually, the Bible prohibits long hair on men too.
Nothing wrong with a good mullet. Especially deep fried with a nice breading.

Seriously, though - does cultural repression always just keep trying to one-up itself? How much further can the damn mullahs (good one Rob, btw) push this shit? Until the whole country is filled with Islamobots? And what's the payoff, what's the return?

Sigh. Well, there's always North Korea.
Mullet-mocking peaked about five years ago. I think they're within a few years of a comeback. Iran's going to be left out yet again.
But the other hair cuts are really nice! and men's ties? they want to ban ties? I think Ahmadinejad just has a REALLY bad Style sense. Either that or he's right and the country really DOESN'T have any gays, so there's no Queer eye for the Islamic facist Guy. He's just jealous of our country's stylish gays.
Crap, now all the rednecks that give their kids mullets are gonna claim they're doing it fur 'Muricka.
I have never been so pro mullet since before I figured out what a symptom of repression that hair style actually was!

@8, and maybe thats how Iran will finally succeed in destroying us. May the flying spaghetti monster help us all!

If the bible prohibits long hair, what the hell was Samson about?
Hell of a good question. Yet another example of the Bible contradicting itself.
@ 5280 and former tri-state, some unasked for background knowledge. Sometimes it pays to grow up in an evangelical church and be allowed to write Bible studies.

1 Corinthians 11:14, known as the long hair is bad for men, and good for women verse has to be taken in historical context. Corinth was noted to be a sexual depraved place (in the opinion of some, especially Paul) and ladies of the evening were known to have short hair and men of the evening had long hair. Paul didn't want his church members to be confused with sluts. Hence the command to be different and not appear perverted.

And, Sampson was a Nazirite, Judges 13:5, 16:19.

Numbers 6:1-5 of the Christian Old Testament says:

The LORD said to Moses, "Speak to the Israelites and say to them: If a man or woman wants to make a special vow, a vow of separation to the LORD as a Nazirite, he must abstain from wine and other fermented drink and must not drink vinegar made from wine or from other fermented drink. He must not drink grape juice or eat grapes or raisins. As long as he is a Nazirite, he must not eat anything that comes from the grapevine, not even the seeds or skins. During the entire period of his vow of separation no razor may be used on his head. He must be holy until the period of his separation to the LORD is over; he must let the hair of his head grow long."

Thus, Nazirites were people that had devoted themselves to God and given Him a pledge. As a sign of their pledge they didn't drank wine and they let their hair grow long. Their long hair was the outer sign to people around them that they had devoted themselves to God. Their long hair was a sign of holiness.

Hope that explains a little. I couldn't do it, because I'd have to give up my whisky.
"Sometimes it pays to grow up in an evangelical church." Um, I'm afraid I'd have to disagree with you there, even though you did manage to acquire some interesting, if useless, factoids. Thanks, hon.
I'm a great person to have on a Bible trivia team, especially when it's the drinking version. You win, then you get to drink or you win a bottle of spirits. I saved my dad's sanity on a 4 hr layover on the tarmac due to some stupid tornado or such. You'd want me on your team, buster.

Just sayin' it....
And, I realize that they are useless factoids to most here. No-one can debate another without knowing a subject and have the willingness to at times concede another's point of view or at least agree to disagree. Without engagement things will not change.

Plus, as I kid I didn't have a choice, but I've found a way to use those experiences and apply them in the cause of justice. Human injustice is the biggest cause of suffering in the world and there is no reason for it. And, we all individuals and groups use their sacred scriptures as the means and reason to maintain and promote human injustice.
The next time I'm putting together a Bible trivia team, I'll certainly keep you in mind.

we all know individuals ...
Yeah, we completely agree, but then we both knew that already. That doesn't mean I'm not allowed to poke you every now and then.
Permission to poke granted.
Add me to that trivia game, Kim & 5280. I'm amazed how much I picked up thumping a bible for 13 years, and how little the average heathen knows....
Knowing the Bible is the best defense against the religious. I'd love to join your team, Kim and 5280.

Oh, and who ever knew I'd agree with Iran... (ducking)