We Will Be LiveSlogging Netherlands vs. Uruguay at 11:30 a.m.


Go Oranje and Frizzelle's not-quite-cute mancrush! Go Uruguay, strongest of the 'guays!
@ 2, you must have forgotten all of Ghana's cheating. You must have also forgotten that FIFA is handling Suarez's handball EXACTLY as proscribed by the rules. Hell, he might not even be allowed to play the next game (even if they lose, they still get to play one more game for 3rd place, like the bronze metal match in Olympic team sports tournaments).

That's not cheating, that's the sort of play that makes championship sports exciting.
Forgot this all-important point: We wouldn't even be discussing this if Ghana was able to score that penalty kick anyway.

Again - there are rules and remedies for handball fouls like that, and they've been fully enforced. Bitching about this is sour grapes, nothing more, nothing less.