Netherlands vs. Uruguay


The kick:…

Where's the post-kick blood?
The blood came when he was sitting on the grass being administered to by the medic, a minute or so later. Out of his nose, so not very serious, but not very easy to stop either.

The Dutch cheat more than the Uruguayans, Lose-Lose. Everybody cheats. Getting agitated over soccer "cheating" is like getting mad that baseball teams "steal" signs and bases.
Fuckin' balkers, balking all the goddam time.
@5 The handball wasn't cheating. It was, in fact, a brilliant tactic, and Suarez should get a hero's welcome in Uruguay. If I may use a basketball analogy, it wasn't any different than intentionally fouling someone going up for a layup. Prevent the easy basket, and make the opponent shoot their free throws.

Diving after a non-foul? Now, that is cheating, and is soccer's "market failure".
@5, the funniest method is with binoculars, from the bullpen:……

Derek Zumsteg, of USS Mariner, wrote a really funny book ("The Cheater's Guide To Baseball") about all the various forms of cheating that go on in baseball, including spitballs, dirt-heaping down the line and even moving the fences in and out. Cheating is in a sense the whole point of baseball -- you're trying to trick the batter, or defeat the pitcher's tricks.
@7 - Wouldn't it be easier to just have someone watching a TV? It's hard to beat a center field camera view to see what exactly the catcher is doing.
6-yes about the basketball thing. but in soccer the impact of that kind of cheating is about five million orders of magnitude worse. don't basketball scores often run over 100? do soccer scores ever go above 5 much? above 1 even? the analogy just misses the point.
Impact, schmimpact. The handball was ugly because it is THE ANTITHESIS of football. YOU DO NOT TOUCH THE BALL WITH YOUR HANDS. Personally, I feel that NO GOOD should ever come from a handball in that particular sport. Sure it was within the rules, but... maybe the rules can be altered a little? FIFA hasn't looked very good with the way a few of the games have played out this cup.
@9 - Goals are generally more important than baskets, but it's really all the same in a close game with little or no time left, even if both teams have already scored 100. For example, in basketball, an accepted play when a team is up by 3 with little or no time on the clock is to immediately foul the team that is down to remove the 3-point shot as a possibility. They can hit or miss their 2 free throws, and then game over. Is that cheating? I think not.

My entire point is that fouling is often considered a valid and acceptable play, in any sport. There are rules that define the consequences, and if the consequences are better than not fouling, then it would be foolish to not foul.

In this case, the foul was blatant and right in front of the referee. There was no attempt to deceive anyone, so I don't think it can be considered cheating.
@10 "maybe the rules can be altered a little?" -- now that I agree with. It was ugly. One easy way to solve that would be to let the referee allow the goal if it was obviously going in.
@9 - Hi. Didn't realize that was you.

@10 - Those damn refs have so much discretion already, shouldn't be hard to institute...
So sad I missed this game. The highlights are amazing. I'm out of town with work and couldn't get to anywhere with wifi or a TV when the match was actually on.
Aww. I was rather hoping the final match would be Paraguay vs. Uruguay, because that would have been really, really guay.
Aw, Nurse! We missed you.