Spotted on the Way to Freedom


The Tea Party is more of a danger to the Republicant Party of No and their incumbents than it is a danger to Democrats.

Nobody likes those whiny America-hating Republicants. Other than traitors.
Who? Clit Diddler? Never heard of him.
I noticed that on my trip to and from Portland last weekend, too.
Blast from the past: the same thing happened in '96 (I think it was '96) with Ellen Crasswell — lots of support out in the boonies, and got the nom for governor. But that was six-way or nine-way race, and this is a two-man race. So...
I miss when everybody had mustaches, even jocks.
I went south this weekend, and can confirm the same pattern that direction.
I might vote for Didler in the primary just to retire Rossi from politics for good.
I can't believe that he seems to be successfully trading on his NFL "fame". I consider myself to be fairly well-informed in football matters and I never heard of this clown until his stupid football helmet billboards started popping up last year.
How frustrating must it be to run a campaign, getting signs made, working events and you are still behind the guy who isn't even going through the motions.

Rossi is all about the power, with the senate being just another step in the ladder, not about bringing anything constructive to the table.

Right or wrong, at least Didier has enough passion to lay it out on the line. There is nothing hidden about his agenda. You got to have some respect for that even if he is wrong on everything else.
Maybe that's because Disco Stu doesn't advertize
I live in the Eastern part of the state and can confirm there's a shitload of those signs everywhere. Every time I see one it looks like "Diddler" to me, and then I think of that photo, and then I get all tingly.

I'm looking forward to the election being over so my life can get back to normal.
Trip to Yakima last Wednesday and they are on that route also. Usual pattern for conservative Republican candidates for statewide office. Plus Didier is now a farmer and much of the vacant land along highways is agricultural.
Saw a woman wearing a great t-shirt this weekend at Walgreen's on 15th that read "The only Rossi I trust is Carlo..."!
Dear Stranger,

I cannot believe you're NOT using this current(?) picture of Clint Didier and his homie throwdown gesture: