Forgotten: Items Found in Used Books


what fun!
I am constantly amazed at the amount of junk in library books that I check out. Nothing as interesting as this, though.

And yeah, Prince is mostly full of shit, but he's probably right about using the Internet for releasing music.
The thing that will eventually drive me to buy an e-book reader is the huge number of boogers "forgotten" in books from the public library.

What the fuck is wrong with people? If it's not a green contorted nose-gnome smeared down the middle of the page, it's a blob of taco sauce or a coffee ring or a greasy fingerprint on the page corner. I won't read a library book anywhere but flat on a table, and I have to go wash up afterwards. (And yeah, I know the invisible dirt like the dried sneeze-droplets and the ball-sweat is probably worse than what I can see.) Puke-o-rama.
@3 Hairs, you forgot to mention hairs, long black ones... My Kindle is nice and clean. The only down-side is conservative-looking 60-something men who seem drawn to the technology, want to "have a look," and read over my shoulder, unfortunately right at the point in the "kilt-lifter" Scottish time-travel pornography that I favour when the heroine is getting what-for against a barn wall...sigh.
@4, you disgusting pervert, you.

Got any recommendations?

I find that most of the hairs I find in books are short and curly. Which is much much worse than long and straight.
If I've ever found a hair in a book, I haven't noticed. Every time I see someone reading a Kindle I want to grab it from them and just fling it in a random direction, consequences be damned. I never ever would, but the urge worries me.
@5 It's a long list, Fnarf. Beginning with the most *erudite* of the bunch, Outlander, and moving on to the highlander series by Karen Marie Moning. Be careful, because if you read these, you may attack Mrs. Fnarf in a crowded parking lot, or in the kitchen with children nearby...I have seen it happen.

Gus, I have long brown hair and 6 earrings. If you happen to see someone matching that description reading a Kindle, please resist the urge to fling it away, or I will have to arm wrestle you until you weep.
Noted, Canuck. I think my flinging urge is some nasty incipient crabby-old-man thing, which must be stamped out by getting one of the damn things and learning to like it, lo, twenty-five thousand Paul Constant posts later.

And fair warning on the arm wrestling/weeping. I lost my arm wrestling mojo when a blonde with a bendy-straw arm took me down hard a couple years back. Her wry little smile haunts me still.
@8 Arm wrestling is best when one is wearing heels and a party dress, at least from personal experience, because they really don't take you seriously until the *smackdown.*

I was anti-Kindle, too (English major, love real books) but man, they are handy for traveling! As Fnarf says, though, the "wet newsprint" look of the screen took a while to get used to.