How to Be a Smug Atheist


I will never understand why *some* Christians feel they have to try and prove their religion - isn't faith the whole point?
Well, I suppose someone unable to eliminate their smugness may as well try to camouflage it some.
They're either rightfully insecure, or they're they've been asked for justification as to why they are trying to run everyone else's lives.
turn off pagers?
OK. That's it. I'm done with crap stick figure cartoons and crap animation of all kinds. If you can't do art, don't do art. Write words. Make audio. You know writers do just fine, don't they? Podcasts and spoken word and whatnot do just fine. There is no inherent requirement to add dog turd visuals just for the sake of being a fucking smartass.

If you have no talent for visual media, don't fucking do visual media. Not even ironically. I'm looking at you, too, XKCD. You're not that fucking funny with your smug non-drawing drawings, and it wears thin fast.

I can't believe I have to say this. I guess I should be grateful they aren't adding shit mechanically-generated music to their shit animation.
Elenchos: marry me. Just for that.
Ah, NonStampCollector. I dunno how he manages to be so smug but (to me) still fun. It's probably because of the accent.

And yes... atheists generally use The Amazing Atheist as a yardstick of how NOT to act.
There's no way to avoid sounding smug when you say you think people's most deeply held beliefs are false. Christians sound smug when they tell Muslims they're wrong. Jews sound smug when they are asked to explain why they aren't Christians. Most beliefs are a bit silly, and any time you explain why you don't share those beliefs, you can't help but come off as sounding superior.
"Perhaps you might refrain from denigrating the progress of which you are a beneficiary."

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot 6
Elenchos, shut the fuck up.
Well this does make the assumption that it's Atheism vs. Christianity are the only choices.
Whisky, shut the fuck up. Dick shit.