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Re: Walmart.

It isn't the $7000 fine they are trying to avoid. It is the lawsuit by the family of the dead employee. With the OSHA ruling on their side, the family will be able to sue for a LOT more money than without. It proves negligence on the part of Walmart.
Perfect cheery/melancholy song for today, when this spell of hot weather kicks off an epic particulate accumulation in the air - the sun will shine, but soon the horizon will be muddy as the sort of kitty Edmund White just barely remembers.

Aggressive melody, lyrics no twelve-year-old could deny probably mean something, and glorious turbo harmony.

Thank you!
I love ABBA!
oddly enough, i got bit by a mosquito last night... IN BED.
I think "knowing me, knowing you" is the song where their Swedish accents are most prevalent.
Irony Has Good Aim

Well done, sir.
It's really one of the best pop songs around. Though this is the first time that I noticed that Benny looks like he's chewing cereal when he's 'singing' on video, and Bjorn has no lips.
I think this is a very shrewd career move by LiLo. Just think of all the "women in prison" movies she'll be able to make now.
Also re: Walmart, they have lawyers on staff, it's not really costing them $2MM as OSHA estimates.
@3 ftw. Because ABBA rocks!
"Lohan will serve her time at the Century Regional Detention Center in Lynwood, California and will be segregated from the general jail population."

Is this considered special treatment? Hasn't she had enough breaks?