World Cup Not Enough? Tonight: I Speak Soccer


Indieflix shows movies at Starbucks? Never saw that coming, no sir.
Leave it to Starbucks to show a soccer documentary at a time when our poorly-performing local, defending champions will be playing the quarter-finals.
I'm sorry, I wanted to leave a comment but I can't think of anything whiny and negative to say. I'll try harder next time.
@2 Good catch. Watch I Speak Soccer whenever you want on Hulu….
I Speak Soccer won the Audience Award at STIFF 2009. A great, truly independent local film.
I for one fucking hate babies.
@4, thank you!!!
Running time is 84 minutes?

What about the 3 minutes for stoppage?
This is an amazing movie! I watched it on hulu in the comfort of my living room one evening.
I went to a screening there last night. Possibly the worst venue ever to see a film in. The projection goes high, there's plenty of noise and light leak, and its fucking starbucks people. Starbucks. Screw it!
@9 Yes, like watching soccer games, watching movies is something that can be done in the comfort of your own home for sure (and believe me, I watch plenty of both at home), but there is something to be said for the group experience of watching a film. Haven't watched a film at Roy St. so can't comment on @10, but generally speaking, I find the buzz in a roomful of people can really add to the enjoyment of a game or film, if I'm in the right mood.