A Theory Concerning the Human Love For Little Things


I'm sure I've missed the point, but it does seem we like both sides of the violent coin: things we can imagine crushing, things we imagine crushing us.
Don't forget big guns, Chuckles. Everybody loves a big gun.
The love of beauty, or of our own existence. It even extends to the love of this planet and it's nature.
@3 I think you mean, everyone loves girls with big eyes carrying large guns.

Or, at least, that's what Anime tells us ...
Big things inspire awe. Mountains, oceans, ancient trees are all things which evoke the other, the not-self, while little things appeal dierctly to the self we can encompass.

Giant buildings, tumuli, pyramids and etc. have always been an expression of power designed to awe and dimisnish those who cannot command them.
@6 but than what does that say about Seattle Public Library board members?
It's very meta that you wrote such a big post about our love for little things.