Slog Happy! Tomorrow! With AIR CONDITIONING!


The fact that there is a "vitaminwater social club" on the Hip Strip now, that Vera Project has to let it sponsor events, and that the Stranger is allowing the Bee there all add up to a feeling that the economy is way worse than we thought.

Now where's my World Cup liveslog godDAMmit?
Wouldn't it be more useful if we got a letter from the judges, since it's a spelling bee and not a counting bee?

@1 - at least we have some jobs in Seattle - it's a lot worse outside the city in this state.
@1 Yeah! Where IS the goddamn WC Liveslog??!!? I sense it's just more anti-German bias showing it's ugly head.
should we wait around for a confirmation? or does e-mailing guarantee a spot?
@3 good point.

I watched the first half of the game in China First with Spanish subtitles and the sound off. Kind of fun.
air conditioning will be the downfall of this nation.